Volume real-time update?

Hey all,

I am having an odd problem with my volume ticks not updating as price moves. Lets say I open a chart at 3pm…the chart will show the current price and volume. However, as new price candlesticks open the volume does not move…at 3:30 it will still show the volume for 3:00. The only way around this is to reopen the chart which will then give me the current volume.

Is there a way to get the volume to automatically update?


Witnessed for a while now, also. Finally came on here to post but seen yours.

I change the timeframe and revert back again to see updated ticks. Frustrating.


I’ve just noticed that problem too. Asked about it here: Difference between tick volume on T212 and other platforms

This must be a bug. Not fixed since April 29th apparently when this post was created.