Votes per share

How do you know how many votes you are getting per share?

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what do you mean by votes?

Most of the time when you get shares you get a certain amount of votes.

You can’t exercise any of your voting rights with Trading212 currently so you won’t have to worry about it

Isnt it usually an either one vote per share or one vote regardless of how many shares.

But how do I know if it is one vote per share or one vote regardless? Is there a way to check?

Shares with voting rights are 1 vote per share usually. If you check the company website it will tell you.

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The question makes alot of sense regardless of whether you can exercise your vote through T212.
In most cases 1 share equals 1 vote. However there are some exceptions like certain Google and Volkswagen shares.

To answer your question @PiggyBankSaver, I generally just google it and someone tends to have explained it online.
Does anyone know how to get the actual breakdown and voting rights in an official way? Is it on the company’s documents online?
I imagine that it is outlined in a document on the Stock Exchange’s website or the company’s website but I have not checked.

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It is usually found in the company’s prospectus (which is usually found on their website) and will have a section that explains the rights attached to each share. For example:

The Common Shares rank equally for voting purposes. On
a show of hands, each Shareholder has one vote and on a
poll each Shareholder has one vote per Common Share
The Common Shares rank equally for dividends declared
and for any distributions on a winding-up.
The Common Shares rank equally in the right to receive a
relative proportion of shares in the case of a capitalisation
of reserve

This applies to LSE listed stocks - I’m not sure about other exchanges.

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Good question @PiggyBankSaver. I actually got a similar one. I got another account with Revolut and I get emails giving me the chance to vote in the company proposal, see attached screenshot.

@Team212, How does it work with Tranding 212?



I do not think that T212 currently allows shareholders to vote, but I believe it is “in the pipeline”. If you tag the "@"Team212 (without the "s) then they may be able to confirm and give you a timeline :slight_smile:


Yes I have contacted them now and they say as of now you can’t vote on T212

Thanks for the confirmation @PiggyBankSaver

@Team212 just wondering if there is any sort of update on this. I notice a lot of other platforms allow you to essentially opt in to receive company communications via email as well being able to vote in the AGM and to me this is a very desirable feature for long term investing and one I would consider paying for. I’ve already missed a rights issue because it was one of my “build a stake over time” stocks that I don’t pay much attention to on a daily basis but would have known about if I got company emails for registered share holders.


Any update on this? I noticed I had the ability to express my vote to some shareholders meeting with Revolut, but not t212.

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