VRM has still not been added

On the app, not sure why :roll_eyes:

Just spotted mine is also rejected. Not sure it’s open yet - no activity on Marketwatch. Just the announced price.

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Ahh ok cool :+1: thx for the info!

It’s live! Just bought some stock!

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Awesome. Didn’t see $23 anywhere but $27 is fine…

Yeah lol I didn’t think we’d get in around that price. I’ll settle for $27

Orders will get rejected until the IPO’s actually live. Prices could come in but they’re only indicative. Nonetheless, you can be certain that you’ll have it tradeable the very second the IPO hits.


Thanks for clarifying!

What makes you think AZEK is a good investment? Looks like it loses money and had huge amounts of debt. Not saying you’re wrong, I just obviously don’t know much about the company :slight_smile:

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Oh, for me AZEK is a short term trade lol capitalise on the stock price rise upon debut…not a long term stock for me, I don’t know enough about the company or the industry.

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Nice work, had me worried there lol. Good luck!

AZEK bucking the trend today. Phew! :wink:

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