Waiting for free share

how long does it take to get your free share?

it can take a few days if it Dosent come through ask your friend for their promo code and then in the settings you can enter it. If it was a random link feel free to use mine lol FMlb4sw2

Everyone has one, it’s the last part of the link.

If you are waiting a share because you used your friend’s link, use the last part of the link in the promo code section. If you are waiting the share because you gave your link to your friend, tell him to use the las part of your link on the promo code section.

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Says that my account and my friends are not eligible. 212 no help

Where are you from? You need to be from an eligible country.

I am from the uk so will be eligible

What about your friends? Are they from an eligible country too?

Yes they are from the uk also

still no free share. all I get is emails asking for the same information over and over again.

Have you both funded your accounts?

yes , for several weeks now

Hello :wave:,
I will DM you so we can discuss your case.