Warner music IPO

We’ve added the stock, it’ll start quoting & become tradeable when the IPO’s live.


Gotcha! Legend! Thanks very much @David👌

Anyone know of an easy way to keep posted when these go live?

@adm Unfortunately, we don’t know when exactly that’ll happen. The last few IPOs I’ve followed have taken at least 2-3 hours after markets open.


Well I guess we will all be glued to this T212 forum thread! lol grab your snacks! It’s going to be a bit of a wait!


Tell me about it haha !!! :smiley: :popcorn:

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I thought I’d chance my luck and set a Price Alert, but even that’s not showing! :see_no_evil: The waiting game it shall be. Wonder how long it’ll stay at $25 for? :rofl:


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Ha! I’ll settle for $25-$40 a share

Just bought three shares and this happened instantly… should I be worried? :sweat_smile:

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So …

… might want to look at this @David!! I think it’s done similar to another thread from yesterday I saw which had rerouted it through the wrong stock? :man_shrugging:

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Ahh gosh, seems a bit of a mess atm - anyone else thinking of buying may want to just HOLDFor the moment.

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I don’t understand how I can have even bought at $34 since it’s not even hit that high yet. What’s going on? Did I just lose all that money?

I’m sure @Team212 can put this right for me by looking at my order time and giving me shares at that price

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This is what I’m thinking? :man_facepalming:

WAAAY OVERCHARGED on Market Order - :white_check_mark: Solved

I mean I’m also suffering from a mini heart attack as I jsut shelled out £1200 and it’s showing as a loss of £1200 lol

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Let’s hope you’re right! Need some assistance
@Team212 cheers

Same thing happened to me

Just checked my orders and it seems it was filled at the right price that I saw on Yahoo Finance, so it seems like the issue is a dashboard problem. Hopefully it doesn’t nosedive between now and when they fix it :sweat_smile:


I spoke with someone from customer support, and was told to wait for more transactions to take place

Yeah @DeePeeCee, upon taking a better look I’d be more so in agreement with your conclusion. Going through right, but not displaying correct.

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Do you get the correct price when trying to sell? I get $1.