We miss your innovations power since late 2020

Hello @Team212 We have been waiting a long time for known requirements and new features to be implemented …

Now the NEW YEAR is here!!

Please surprise us this year with new innovations power!!!




We have different features in our 2022 plan, but at the moment we cannot commit to a deadline. We will keep you posted.

Sometimes the features ideas are subject to change depending on the company’s main priorities.

We are happy that you have chosen our platform, and we will undoubtedly continue to provide a great customer experience in the coming year.


OK. But we received similar statements from you last year. Why don’t you communicate more openly about what you’re planning. You don’t need to name any specific dates, but it would have been a lot more helpful for us to know what specific projects you’re working on. It is very important for us to know what plans you have for the future, as we trust you with a lot of money on your platform.

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Use the word I and not we.

It’s not great to pretend you’re talking for the masses when you just want to know yourself. :+1:


Well, why, he correctly writes, the forum has a category for proposals, but there is no separate branch from the administration with a description of the functions they are working on or in priority for completion, for example, before the end of this year.


Agree, but put another way - why would any company announce any enhancements or features in the pipeline before they are ready, only for a competitor to pip them to the post.

All brokers offer slightly different services, it would be a good idea I think to list everything each broker has/hasn’t that fall in the same service category, and try and get them to up their game that way.

Also - I’m quietly hopeful that we might see a couple new things when they reopen to new Uk customers. Seems like the right time to announce things - the Uk is now open to new customers, we can accept in specie transfers in(or out for a fee), type of thing.

I might be overly optimistic but time will tell.

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