Roadmap of new functionality

Its been quite some time since some functions have been suggested but haven’t been implemented, but on the flip side there were a lot of useful services introduced without a lot of fanfare. So my suggestion is can we get a rough roadmap of planned services to be added and a rough timeline

Nice idea, but would you tell your competition what is in the pipeline?

I like surprises - and the recent ones - interest on cash and stock lending have been excellent!

Maybe they dont have to list the big announcements and upcoming features, but at least give a timeline on the simple improvements to come, like portfolio sortation options, performance graph upgrades, daily performance etc


Theres not much of competition in Europe, the interest and the stock lending are pretty useful that’s why I was wondering will they bring the other stuff from ibkr as well, mainly options and inspecie transfers. They do that there’s no competition at all full pledged broker zero commissions

is 212 now owned by IBKR?

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No, they’re just our intermediary.

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It’s not that simple! I daresay we could all make a list of 6 improvements which would matter to us, and they’d all be different. Some only want a phone app, some want futures options, and so on and on.

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I agree different people prioritise different stuff, thats exactly what I m asking if possible to get some roadmap on what’s planned to be improved and roughly in what order timeframe it could be implemented ROUGHLY.

I agree a direction would be handy to know.

I answered your post because inspecie transfers or options aren’t on my personal list, or possibly others’. There’s new charting coming which could be a help in a general way.

Some platforms are best for forex, or… day trading, or investing, or dividends, or UK stocks, or algo trading, or copy trading, or complex derivatives, or global trading of every imaginable instrument. Some are really easy to use, some have a wide range of technicalities (eg order types) some have very good staff/help or you can phone.

Plenty of scope for changes at T212!