What have you sold recently?

Enjoying the conversation about peoples biggest loser, gainer etc so how about what you have sold recently.

For me I exited Intel, IBM & Facebook.

Partly as I either am less bullish or I dont like the companies as much as other stocks in a pie I wanted to streamline. Also I was slightly tech heavy.

AMD - Know nothing about semiconductors so very difficult for me to manage the holding.

GDRX - Amazon have dented their USP considerably with the announcement of 40-80% discounted medication for people without insurance. The moat has been breached!

CINE - Took profits after the spike. Intend to come back once the lay of the land is better established. Still think this will flip flop a bit for the next few months.

MELI - Felt I missed the boat on this one quite a bit in the first place. Made some good profits on earnings but then the vaccine news broke so cashed in and reallocated funds. Reduced the folio. More manageable.

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Sold Nio :cry: but made 230% profit :+1:,never went short on a stock before but after the hylion drop I was expectecting nio crash .


MTO I sold off as it was trading sideways for the longest time, and strangely enough they do Cleaning Services, so I expected it to do well during COVID.

I have excited City of london investment trust (CTY). I had picked it up right at the bottom of the dip in March and just wanted to add a little more cash in reserve.

I bought 10x Nio at $1.66 last October. Sold 10x Nio at $14.83 end of August.

I was laughing then, but I’m not laughing now. I can’t face buying into it any more at such a high price now :frowning:

I sold Apple. It kept bouncing, and in all honesty I brought when I knew even less than now, came into some small profits so I sold accordingly.

May enter again around 105ish if that happens again.

Sold MCD and AMD with a small loss on MCD, I think I got in too high and I don’t see a bright future for MCD.
I’m still keeping IBM as they will spin off a cloud company and maybe I get shares on that one too.
Also keeping NIO, PLTR, WKHS although I think NIO and WKHS are kinda high risk.

I mostly day trade CFDs but I’ll chime in for what it’s worth as I usually go long on positions.

Fastly, DataDog, and Proshares Ultra QQQ are my bread and butter. I always buy the dips and sell the peaks on these. Almost every day.
AMD and Cloudflare are another two at the same price point whereby I do the same but not as often.

At a higher price point, I sometimes jump into NVIDIA or MasterCard every now and again and let my positions rise for a week before selling.

Some other frequent appearances where I buy the dip and sell the peak, or buy and let sit for a week or so, are Microsoft, Square, Visa, JP Morgan, Peloton, and Sea Ltd.

On the Invest side, I sold some Shell and BP at a loss recently despite being bullish in the long term for the petro-chemicals and gas industry.

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Got rid of my 10 x share of Apple and 3 x shares of microsoft. Moved my capital into StoneCo and UpWork, really has to be some of my best latest investments. Been long in StoneCo and UpWork for some time, borh up more then 40% return in about 1-2 month’s time. And with future expansion, good earnings and “bigger” players starting to notice this somewhat unknown stocks, deffently buying into em heavily

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Don’t worry mate it was one of the first things I brought at 7 and sold at 9 :man_facepalming:

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I bet that feels like suicide

I sort of day trade. So list would be too long but recently sold fuel cell, ups, fiverr (regret), applied materials, Pinterest…and so on

I can tell you lot what I’m blooming stuck with for the past month or so

Beyond meat
JD adr

All above in red. Please note, all of the above has great earning and tanked anyway lol

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What! Why! Were you shorting them?

What about the cardinal rule - ‘stocks only go up’.


Because they had fantastic earnings but big investors were still not happy. Overstock best estimatess by almost 300 percent
Same with the rest man.

Adyen just having a terrible patch. Like really bad

I off loaded Apple. The stock was becoming too volatile and the fx was killing my profits.

Sold archimoto on 200% profit and went heavily bullish on Genius Brands, Total shares around 3k.

WKHS - closing a swing

SOLO - closing a swing

EXPI - took up a small position in the first place but never got round to doing the DD. Wanted to reduce my growth stock coverage anyway with a potential rotation into value coming. Happy with my coverage of real estate via BEKE so felt I didn’t overly need this.

IDEX - was new to investing and saw this was popular and ended up bagholding till yesterday and was 60% down before the massive run the past 2 days and ended up with a healthy profit.

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Congrats. I bag-held for 6mths for the same reason. Sold three weeks ago. Good on you for holding through - I couldn’t be bothered anymore. Regained the difference through LMND.

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