What next for COUV?


Would it be possible for you to update us on what will happen to the ticker COUV come Thursday 25th February?

It appears that the company will be moved to grey sheets come this date, in the latest PR they released they have said they are looking to be re-listed on to pink current. The two questions I have regarding this are below:

  1. Do trading 212 allow for grey sheet stocks on the platform?

  2. If grey sheet stocks are allowed how long are they kept on the system before being removed?

My worry with potentially holding some stock is that it’s almost certain to drop come Thursday, if the correct paperwork isn’t filed in a certain amount of time I don’t want to be forced to sell at a much lower price in the future than what I could potentially sell at on Thursday.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Following this. Have contacted help desk too

Currently, no orders with COUV could get filled with our execution intermediary (that applies to us as well, respectively). We are waiting for details regarding how IBKR will treat the instrument and will apply the same approach.

Thanks Rumen. Will 212 decision be communicated through the community boards?

Hi 212. We’ll need an update on this before 1pm GMT tomorrow.

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They will probably let you know on the day when the share price drops. Just the way we found out about stock restrictions


Unlikely that will happen, you’ll find out after the loss has occurred. 212 can’t help the situation that’s for sure, but they could be helpful by reaching out to IBKR in advance for advice before market opens.

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Do we have any update on this as it looks like trading resumes today?

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen

Can we please get an update on this before market open today!

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Please update before 1pm.

We have sent an inquiry to IBKR. Once we receive an update from them, we will post it here.

I find that in situations like this with such an urgency, a phone call works better than an email!

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You would not get a formal reply over the phone. Written replies are needed for the records.

So what are the possible outcomes. Surely trading 212 know that? If no pricing available through ibkr then what happens?

I agree. But I phone call provokes a formal written response much faster

is this what will happen?

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Please can we have an update on this. Trading has resumed and many people are buying on the huge dip. We’re all sat here wondering what’s happening to our money. . .

I’m so pissed. Can’t take my profits, Can’t buy cheap, my own money is frozen. No respond of 212. What a joke

Trading 212 need to provide answers asap really. People are trading these shares and we are frozen out watching from the sideline with no response as to whats happening.

Update please 212? We are well in to market hours now.