What’s happening with SQQQ, QID, SDS?

Why have these ETFs turned in to view only and not allowing me to trade?

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Are the following ETFs the ones you are mentioning?

ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF

ProShares UltraShort QQQ

ProShares UltraShort S&P500

If they are those, the US domiciled ETFs aren’t allowed in UK and EU. Only ETFs domiciled in EU/UK that follow UCITS legislation are allowed to UK and EU investors.

If you want to short and/or leverage indexes and stocks, T212 have ETPs (similar to ETFs) that you can invest, but beware their specific conditions (short, leverage, daily impacts).

Please also see the below topic to know what are the financial instruments eligible in T212 (UK and EU):

Hello and thanks for your reply. Yes these were the ones I was mentioning. I already have open positions in these ETFs in the last 2 months and now want to bring my average up. Have the rules changed for this very recently? It leaves my open positions very vulnerable if I can’t manoeuvre whilst having opening positions?

Those rules are for UK and EU investors, and they exist for a couple of years now.
If you are outside that regions, maybe the rules don’t apply you. And T212 support could explain better their restrictions.

The US domiciled ETFs are only visible for watchlist purposes (view-only) for UK/EU investors.

I live in the UK and I was living in the UK when I opened positions in these ETFs. I have just checked and I opened positions in these ETFs on 3/11/23, 9/11/23 and 4/12/23. Why was I allowed to open positions in them then? Something doesn’t add up.

Have you opened them on the CFD side?

Yes that’s correct on the CFD side.

Just checking you know what you’re doing here? Long holds on ETFs on the CFD side seems like a pretty strange thing to do? Everything getting eaten by fees?

@Hy7fhs is correct, this has RECENTLY changed. TQQQ used to be available on the CFD platform, but it isn’t now.

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Based on your new information, you are actually invested in CFDs, and not in ETFs. The information I gave early is for ETFs.