Whats been your biggest looser

Every one wants to talk about what has done well in their portfolio especially when talking to their non-investing friends. At this moment in time what is your biggest looser in your portfolio?

I’m down £270 (-17%) on BAT and £215 (-14%) on GSK.

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I’m new, and everything is in the green :smiley: but then again most of mine are safe bets with a few others like Palantir which I’ve took a risk on and was losing on it until recently when they soared.

I’m wondering if it’s always best to get out when the goings good or truly become an invest user and add more over the years.

Sorry I didn’t add a loser stock to this thread, but I’m sure I’m not far away from it :grin: will be interesting to see how my investments react after the Biden announcement.

HUR energy (not on 212). Turns out the competent review, or the directors that started the company’s expertise wasn’t worth the paper they were written on. They are now a fractured basement play, which generally means a law of diminishing returns from each drill. They practically kitchen sinked the company in August/September this year prior to the new Director taking over.

The new Director has some experience in this sector, so I might stand a chance of recovering losses. My average is approx 8.5p, and its priced around the 2.5p right now.

If they can propose a reasonable forward drilling program, and the price of oil continues to recover, then with a large sum of off settable losses, could be a good target for a big fish.

As a rule, I never buy what I cant afford to lose, and I never sell at a loss, so time will tell.

I took some profit with GNUS then left shares in and well that’s not been nice to have sitting there. So have completely exited in hindsight.

I’m happy to leave it until pumped again, could avg down but I’d rather not chuck anything else in as it could be another 6mths. Earnings next week might be interesting.

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This is my approach to learning trading. I don’t mind putting spare savings in to large companies like Apple for long term investing, but anything else that’s risky I am only putting money down and treating it as a “bet”. Something I can live without if lost.

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Thats definitely a kitchen sink scenario. Long term hold now until hopefully a price recovery. Thankfully i only invested for dividends as they typically have a stable income during recessions. Brings some regular income into my portfolio.

Second place is KEFI but I’m not concerned as it’s another GGP in the making.

For me AT&T and IBM.

I can do more extreme than those losses:


At the other end, I have these gains


(over long time period, not just on Trading 212)


for me? well lets just say I held OXY before the market went to slaughter LOL.

averaged down so not too bad at -30% now, but once it’s below -15% it will be ripe for profits :stuck_out_tongue:

INPX. Bought not having done research properly. Two days later reverse split and now I own 2 shares of 1 USD each.

Carnival Cruise Line for sure, bought it at 3,000p before the huge drop, not expecting things to go so south. Always tempted to get back into it though

Wirecard got me real good :sob::sob: I thought I could ride the volatility wave to my advantage but in the end it cost me £1100! The moral of the story is stick to your strategy :smirk: This wouldn’t have happened if I had not strayed…


I accidentally bought 700 GNUs instead of 7. Held it for a small bit but lost a grand on that. Thankfully it could have been much much worse.

@Dougal1984 my rule of thumb is also never sell at a loss. I broke that rule twice. Once with GNUS here because it was a total accident of me clicking a wrong button using the web platform for the first time instead of mobile like I usually do. The second was when I took a 2k hit on Tesla. I figured it would be quicker to make back the 2k elsewhere than hold. Which was true - I made back the 2k in a couple of weeks, whereas I’d still be close to 2k red had I held.

Do you not sell at a loss even if you think you can use that money something better or they will not do well in future?

Yes I did once. I sold some Tesla when it was -2000. I didn’t want to wait for it to become green.I thought it would be quicker to take out my money and start again. And it was, I got the 2000 back in a couple of weeks.

Generally I try make safe moves though so the risk of going red doesn’t happen. I usually invest in safe companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple etc.

A good question.

My biggest loss is GNUS for sure. Normally I invest for long term but swing trade with the volatile stocks in the meantime. I invested in GNUS as a short term play but did not leave before the dump. I also don’t sell at a loss and try to cost average when a stock drops. This wasn’t a good strategy for GNUS. I need to learn closing a bad investment at a loss :grimacing:

There are other stocks that perform really bad in the last 6 months (I have been investing since February) such as Shell, GSK. Intel took a hit. But I am still long and believe in this companies.

In addition to my long positions, I try my chance at small names and SPACs. They usually turn out okay but Hyliion had a huge drop, around 50%. I guess what is important with speculative names is to be in positive overall, there always will be bad bets.

Currently down 3% on AAPL , 1.44% of that being the FX impact :weary:

Probably GAN but that is bound to go up. I was about £50+ down at one point but now only at £10 down.

Lost some money on Cineworld but mot a lot (like £5).

BAE systems was down about 20% now down 13%, intel a close 2nd down just shy of 13%