When is pie cash reinvested?

Question about DRIP and when it will be executed. I always thought (and some other people too) that there must be a minimum amount of 1 EUR/GBP/USD in the pie cash to reinvest. However I just got some dividends paid and it reinvested with only 0.54 EUR available.

@George or someone else from @Team212 can you explain the criteria used? Thanks! :slight_smile:

The DRIP reinvests automatically if it passes your pie’s threshold (or minimum investment). If your pie, for example, consists of two slices (one of 40% and another of 60%), the threshold takes the lowest slice value - 40%.

0,20 / 40% = 0,5 (or 0,50p)

With the received dividend you’ve got your order amount to pass the minimum investment for the pie, which has lead to the DRIP being executed also. :slight_smile:

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Clear. Thanks. Then 1 EUR/GBP only applies to the minimum deposit amount.

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