Answers from support - how long do they usually take?

How long does support typically take to get back? I wrote an email in the morning of Dec31st, I completed the support form yesterday morning, there’s no live chat present, so this is a bit disappointing. I can only imagine what it would be like to be locked out of your account or something urgent and not hearing back in days or weeks.

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I think this has been addressed in the chat but the main guideline is as soon as the volume of tickets decrease the chat function will be re enabled.

T212 making money of margin spreads and are a new company.
They do their best to provide the best service possible.

But if you want top class service hl. Co. UK can give it to you and no fractional shares and 11.95 to buy a share.


Exactly right, it’s what you can expect when dealing with a company who needs to try cut costs wherever they can to remain free. They can’t afford to have a couple of people sitting in the phones and computers full time. But other companies who charge big fees can. That’s your choice what your priority is. For me the cost savings outweigh the slower customer support


@Tedk99 15years+, and they are also profitable from the securities lending from the invest accounts. but certainly a much more streamlined staffing.

however support do currently have a large backlog of requests to deal with and while every request is handled chronologically, they would be sorted in terms of importance so such critical issues as getting locked out would see a more prompt response than general enquiries, albeit still taking a reasonable length of time.

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@Dao thank you so much for your help and support and support and help here

I just used the live chat like 5 mins ago. I have not yet recieved a contract note for yesterday. They responded immediately.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

I’m probably in the minority on this, but I’d be happy to pay a bit, say a monthly low subscription (< 5€) for a few extra features, like live customer support or multi-currency accounts etc.

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Da, sure I am with u

maybe it could also be dependant on the region or some other criteria, still not showing up for me

They’ve already planned a subscription model, but only with value added features, rather than removing features like another broker out there :man_shrugging:t4: But I wouldn’t want to see customer support under there, don’t think it’s fair having to pay to get customer support and free users are shoved behind.


oh no, I was thinking more of a time until reply guarantee, not scrapping out customer support altogether, you can’t really not have any customer support.

Currently, we don’t plan to make the customer service paid feature.

Instead, we’re investing in expanding our team, along with creating more and more self-service channels, like our HelpCentre and the new contact form.

As of the chat availability:


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