Live Chat gone !?

What has happened to live chat !? It’s gone from my drop down menu overnight !?

Yes, we temporally disabled it so we can catch up with the volume. You can expect the chat to be available soon again.

Thank you but meanwhile I have an urgent case that was elevated over the last week and I still have no answer

What has happend to the feature? was really useful! Will it be coming back?

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They usually disable it, when there is a huge amount of requests.
It should come back soon, so it is still working but momentarily disabled

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Don’t mind it being disabled but still awaiting to hear back from a email from 5 days ago

Today, Jan 9, 2020, and Live Chat is disabled again. It’s okay but, at least reply to the emails.
I asked for deleting my account(to be able to recreate a new account with a new country - or if it is possible to change the country of the current one, it’s okay with me to keep this one) but, I got no response!


We’re catching up with the volume, thus why the chat is currently unavailable. We’re constantly expanding our teams so we keep up with the demand :rocket: . Bear with us, please.


Hi, any update on the live chat feature?