When to cut losses

Remember it’s all about context as well back to the OP.

QS is a highly speculative stock which you could be liable to be caught out in the short term. I’d only invest in this for the absolute long haul if you were sure of the idea. I don’t believe they actually have any revenue to date?

Where as, Facebook for instance had a horrendous hit back in July I think for a reason I can’t remember. But it’s a bit more solid and with a nice revenue stream, unlike a QS

To Daos point, we all do have different risk tolerances also so it’s not always for the faint hearted.

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nothing happened to the company :joy: march happened to the whole market. also a stop loss doesn’t get you out at 7% just because you set it there. it would have just locked in a 60-70% loss before it bounced back for the day. that’s your choice, not mine.

I am an individual investor yes, but I have the same access to knowledge as any other. else I would be guilty of insider trading. I am also a long-term investor who knew the fundamentals of the company. 3 things happened on the day it crashed in march, all were indirectly related and temporary, the company didn’t change even as I watched it the following months. the market doesn’t move on unreleased news…

And again, I didn’t lose money, I just wasn’t making any profits for a short while, I was quite happy to have a chance to buy so many shares when plenty of people with cold feet sold out in such a rush :stuck_out_tongue: losing money isn’t possible when you hold an asset that has no fixed value. just because I own something for a price and the next day someone else isn’t willing to pay that much doesn’t mean I lost the difference, if I sold at that price, then and only then have I lost that difference. just as you don’t gain anything if you sit on a position 59% up but don’t sell it. It’s not that difficult a concept to understand.

what’s dangerous is telling people what to do when you know nothing beyond your assumptions. It’s my money and my risk tolerance, where do you get off telling me my mindset is “dangerous” because it doesn’t line up with your own?

I’m an investor, not a trader and find no value in letting a machine make my decisions for me. but feel free to lock in your losses every time the market wobbles. I treat my money as “spent” as soon as it is deposited, and will have no issue if one of my holdings goes to 0 because I missed some key news in my DD at least that will be a loss due to myself and not because a machine decided for me.

the point of this topic is for the OP to be able to judge their position beyond a mere change in value, whether that is 1%. 4% or 20%+. they need to judge on the actual worth of the share, not just what others are willing to pay for it today compared to yesterday.

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They’re some great points in there.

I remember when I first started I made some emotional decisions and lost money because something was going down. I lost sight of why I invested and sold. A few days later it’d be up and I’d be left thinking what a douche. The key is making a measured decision and not relying solely on hope.

The main thing is to learn from it.

I would say 10%-15% but at the moment I’m not applying that rule due to the volatility, in normal circumstances I would.

current volatility has definitely seen values of around +/-15% hit rather often across the board. whether things will return to normal next year is a concern or if it’ll take longer.

It’s important to pick companies you really belive in for the long term. Any short term dips, or even crashes are just seen as a way of buying more shares at a disscounted price

Ive been doing this, and ive only got 4 stocks. But ive got a lot of knowledge about these 4 stocks, and im holding them in the ups and downs as im confident in there performance for the long term

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BABA is a good example, had some regulatory issues and it’s lost at least 10%. Thats not a reason to sell it in my mind as it’s a solid company.

Hi guys! Thanks to you guys for your suggestions. I held onto my stocks and QS has gone up with 29% return. Glad I didn’t take an emotional decision to sell it.


QS has been mental today. It’s currently 105

It’s nuts lol I don’t know why isn up like 450+%

Well done @Veevas :clap::clap:

Will you be holding?

Yes, as of now. Solid state battery technology is the future. Very expensive to make and used in select devices like pacemakers. Let’s see what happens!

you must be up a few hundred % now

Hi I brought shares in Quantumscape and have watched it drop. However I have faith and in it for long term. I plan to buy more when the prices reach bottom.

I took two small positions in both QS and it’s twin RMO.

I think QS will drop to $60 and RMO $19 so I’m not quite sure why :rofl: :man_facepalming:

QS got the rug pulled AH, probably will be pumped into 90 premarket before dropping.

Am wary when a stock like this goes from $9 to $135 at some points in a couple of months. I suppose am used to investing in established long traded stocks

QS is hugely risky in my opinion. It’s perfect to trade I would suggest, maybe as an investment at a price ten times less than it’s at.

To put it in perspective it’s market cap would make it one of the most valuable stocks in the auto industry, with no revenue for a few years. Screams a bit of bubble to me.

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Regardless of which stock it is interesting to see people worry when 20% down, but then when stocks go up massively often they wouldn’t consider selling some and taking profit.

Be careful out there guys.

It’s very risky. Definitely the market caps have no business when it comes to pump and dump stocks.

With 347 million shares it’s 30 billion for nothing but a plan which is ridiculous.

To me probably 5 Billion best in terms of future. So SP ~14 realistic.

However I would expect the SP to touch 60 on the daily 50 EMA and bounce to 90

The warrants pumped to 40 atm


Their own estimate of 3.3 billion so Im generous with 5

Holy molly, ten times sales in 6 years time.

Any idea what the TAM is?

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