When will BITCOIN be added?

When will bitcoin be added?
Does anyone know


For invest and isa, this is available up until 06 Jan 2021 for U.K. clients after which it will be in sell-only mode due to FCA recent regulation:

You can also invest into Crypto Mining companies such as Argo Blockchain, RIOT and MARA for exposure.

not until our backwards country gets its finger out of the rear end

Thanks greatly appreciated

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Should also add that we may see T212 dabble in trading the actual bitcoin in 2021 which we interesting if they can take on Kraken and Binance. If they can just out do coinbase fees which shouldn’t be difficult, then I think they could be on to a winner.

If they created their own token “T212 token” that we traded against it could greatly reduce fees and, company can make money from fees instead of brokerage fees

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency could perform really good in the next decade! Wall street and a lot of nstitutional Investor’s are rushing in! So I hope trading 2012 does add some cryptocurrency trading! It’s really important! On etoro there are loads only cryptocurrency traders/Investor’s…

Recently, I’ve been interested in working with Argo Blockchain since I’m a British citizen and would like to earn money from trading.