Where can i invest in ARK funds

i know this topic has probably been killed to death now but i did a search and couldn’t find an answer so asking for help from my fellow investors.

do any of you know where one can invest in ARK funds. definitely not T212 yet. and before i get trolled, i don’t expect it in a ISA wrapper, so any normal broker suggestion would help. one that is cost effective in terms of minimal charges would be even better.


which one do you use/recommend?

I use pies to cut out the fee (recipes below) and buy all five to reduce exposure to TSLA and SQ. It’s a much smaller ‘satellite’ part of my portfolio though, the bulk of my money’s in passive funds.


i do something similar too but this is an attempt to directly invest a chunk and just have it sit there. i can’t always stay on top of my pies for 1 reason or the other. so was wondering if i could find a broker where i can actually invest in them with zero custody/holding fees.

I created a pie of 40 stocks…all from ARK. Swapped a few out from ARKK that aren’t on T212 and replaced them with others from other ARK ETFs


According to T212 this should return 31.85% according to the last 5 yr performance…wishful thinking

I know Interactive Investor holds them. They charge a tenner a month for an account plus £7.99 per trade.

yeah, i think IG is far better than that then. thanks for this though

yeah, i’ve done something similar too, i just wanted some peace of mind with someone else managing a portion of my money for once lol

tradestation does ARK

i just gave their website a spin and their pricing structure is unbelievably complicated. what sort of charges do they have for inactivity and trading?

are they open to UK residents?

not sure to be fair…i joined them for an ipo using a third party but only cost a few dollars for a £1k trade so far so better than HL and IG. No looked at other charges as t;s not my main broker and they dn’t do ISA

yeah, they are a US centric broker, so don’t expect them to have ISAs. i’m just concerned about custody/platform/inactivity and withdrawal fees. thanks for the suggestion and let me know if you find this info anywhere :slight_smile:

Etoro? Is a possibility