Why is trading with BTTX suspended?

It’s ridiculous I can’t even sell any of my shares currently?!

Perhaps before posting doing some due diligence will help…


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Hey @ronit0 :wave:

On Friday the company Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp, a SPAC, was acquired by Better Therapeutics, Inc. in a 1: 1 stock acquisition.

At the start of the session today, BTTX gapped one percent above what it closed at previously and thus our internal risk mechanisms were triggered. In similar circumstances, we are obliged to perform certain checks on our part, which ensure that orders go through smoothly, for the rest of the session, with no interruption.

Anyway, quoting was resumed as per normal, approximately 7 minutes after the opening bell.

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To be fair, now the stock is halted, but when OP initially posted it wasn’t (I checked).

@B.E answered why it was then; @RLX why it is now 🤷


I also checked the time of the today halts, and saw that were special events in the last trading day, although I supposed it was already overcome.


A bit of offtopic: don’t forget US markets are opening 1h early (1:30 PM), by now it’s 2h opened. :wink:


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(offtopic: yes :joy:)

It is possible it wouldn’t be showing up immediately; i saw OP’s post about 1m after he posted it, went straight to Nasdaq tracker of halts, and it wasn’t showing 🤷

According to Team212 they had a halt on their own the first 7 minutes after the bell, and Nasdaq had one on the 8th minute :joy:

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