Why keep deleting my posts?

My two posts which just asked the help of account ID verification all have been deleted. Why? Did I breach any rules or regulations?

I will keep posting here until either I have been removed from the forum or the issue get reasonable explanation.

I believe it’s because of this - Upcoming improvements & community threads

The team at T212 appears to be very busy with new users, and cannot prioritize requests on the forum over people waiting for a response in chat/email.

I suggest you be patient, they will reach out and sort your issue I am sure. :slight_smile:


I completely understood the situation. I am not pushing or urging them to solve the problem. I just raise the question and wait. But just please let my post stay there and at least it works as a reminder.

@newforce Your account was reviewed a few hours ago, and an email with further instructions was already sent. Please refer to it as further action is required from your end. There is no need to keep the post as a reminder, though. We review all accounts in chronological order.

As mentioned - this ensures fairness to all currently pending verification accounts.