Issue with proof of ID verification

Dear @David @Team212

My friend @ccarmine just registered to the platform and uploaded his documents to verify his identity. The app is asking him to submit again a proof of ID, but there is no possibility from the app. Could you please help him as it seems he can’t create any topic right now?

if using the app send support a message they can get it solved for your friend :slight_smile: its also a Saturday so staff might be off as markets closed until Monday. Creating a topic here shouldn’t be an issue as its separate and not a platform that needs ID verification

@pasquale_riganello If a document has been pushed back a new window will pop-up in your app and prompt you to upload the new one along with an explanation on why the initial document was not accepted. In case this window is closed you may still upload your new document, however, you need to go to the “Settings” menu and select “ID Verification”.

ID Verification

Another option would be to send the new document directly to

@Cashurkash Our On-Boarding team processes account activation requests 24/7 :wink:


Thanks for your help. I’ll ask him to proceed this way ( I don’t know why he was not allowed to write the post himself at the time, that is why I posted it)

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Thanks for your response. Much appreciated

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Thank you @Michael.P :slight_smile: will make sure to let future posts know this as I believed it would have been office hours Mon-Fri only :slight_smile:

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I have tried multiple times to activate my account but no reply from the help desk. Neither email