Wirecard- buy? Sell?

Nothing wrong with VMW

You mean AMC or wirecard?

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That’s paywalled for me. Little trick: you can add a period after the .com to get rid of the paywall.

For example, if the site is www.website.com/news/article, just add the period . like this: www.website.com./news/article


For all who are considered touching this “company”.

Read this before:

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@Laguiar, what happened to Wells Fargo?

Watch on Netflix: Dirty Money


An interesting article to read, I might watch the documentary :smiley:.



Former Wirecard CEO Arrested!



I didn’t think it possible to still short the stock further. Clearly I was wrong xD

Anybody here about to strike it big from this? LOL

It’s a strong buy according to Simply Wall Street. Very good financial health too… LoL

They haven’t had time to reassess the stock which they tend to do at fixed intervals. it took them about a month to update OXY as well after the dividend cut announcement as they had to wait for the dividend to be paid.

I happened to learn about Wirecard through Simply Wall Street around the time Wirecard had its first big price drop, in April I guess. Luckily I passed this one back then due to problems in the company :smiley:

@Team212 Wirecard files for insolvency, what’s gona happen now with our open positions?

Wirecard collapses into insolvency https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/embattled-payments-firm-wirecard-collapses-into-insolvency-090218673.html

That chart clearly looked like it was falling haha

It would say that wouldn’t it because they lied on there balance sheet lol not Wall Street job to investigate

@Team212 Wirecard has resumed trading on other platforms, when will it be resumed here?

It already is on cfd