Wirecard future analysis

Hey guys , i want to get your oppinion on wirecard. Is it possible that in the future wirecard compony will be bought by some other bigger compony ? Or it will shut down ?

Future analysis, it has no future.




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Given the level of naughtiness I doubt they’ll be bouncing back :slight_smile:

Did you see that they ‘lent’ $1 billion to their buddies before they went pop.

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Another question… gains aside, is it fine for you putting money in a company that does what they did instead of other companies with honest people working hard and having good results?
Should this kind of people be “rewarded”?

“Money is not the only thing that matters on live.” Cents, 50.


I got a notification from from the Financial Times app but admittedly didn’t read the article; apparently there was ‘looting’ of money before the crash. There is making mistakes, and there is what the CEO of Wirecard let happen. Whatever way you look at it he is a confidence man and I would be very surprised if they had a future.

There are signs that they transfered all their cash to 3rd parties / payment processers via unsecured loans basically cleaning out all value from the company just before bankruptcy while KPMG was performing the checks that lead to the findings of the $2b missing.
If I had any of these shares I would really dump them. And cry about being late riding the bankruptcy waves.

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Just to add another warning, they’re being kicked out of the Dax.

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Forget wirecard. I’m putting £50k in Tesla. Past performance is a guarantee of future performance… right?



Good 'ol Delboy :smile: You know it makes sense.

Wonder who made a killing shorting wirecard.

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I actually thought it would be bought by another company, as businesses were, and still depend on them, however its not looking as likely now. i don’t believe a decision has been made, it seems more Ego’s than Logic which may win.

I made a killing. Not from the €100s. But it took a £200 account and made it into £2-3k. It’s only grown since then but the 10xer was my best ever trade.

Don’t touch it with a stick :joy: it stinks and it has death wrote all over it

surely you can still make a few bucks shorting it. do you get a bonus if it goes under completely :rofl:

Well as lag pointed out further up the post your better off putting your money into companies with deserve it not robbing fraud scum

Wonder who made a killing shorting wirecard.

In the six months to the end of June, 2.4% of investment activity by Bafin staff related to buying and selling Wirecard stock or derivatives, up from 1.7% in 2019 and 1.2% in 2018.