Wirecard Stock Suspended - Help

Hello Trading 212,

Could you please explain what the suspension of Wirecard means for people who went long or short on that stock by using CFD?

Thank you.

Ouch - I wouldn’t want to be long.


Is it suspended on ISA/INVEST too?

Of course. It is not suspended on Trading 212 but on the stock market.

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Wirecard collapsed into insolvency.

Not too sure what happens if you have a position open.

Hello! We’ll wait for a confirmation & final information regarding this specific event. Keep in mind that we’ll proceed with all the positions, right after we have affirmation for the final price of the security.

ЕDIT : The security is still tradeable after the halt!

RIP if you were long


Why position close on 3.8 when i set it to close on 7…? It’s closed it at 3.8 when the Trading212 market open again for this position.

The stop-loss order doesn’t guarantee you the very same price. It executes the order at the first available price which meets your criteria.

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Unfortunately thats how trading goes sometimes… if your stock gaps below your Stop Loss it’ll close the position at that lower price. Same for if you had a Take Profit and it gapped above your profit target it’ll close at the higher price with the greater profit.

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I see the point. Okey. Thought it’s a system cause. Thanks

Ouch for all those people who were long. Trading212 shows there was a majority of longs. Signs were clear to stay clear!

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Makes sense to go long if you have no idea on news/fundamentals. Hey it just dropped from above 100 to sub 20, free monies! :laughing:

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Sub €5’s now.
After the first drop I thought it could be a interesting one to watch. It turns out it is but it just keeps dropping hard.

They’ve gone bust. Filed for insolvency - it was never going to stop.

The price is just peeps messing around trying to con each other out a few pennies now.

Yep… time to buy more :joy:

What an upside potential!!


“Free cash” as some here likes to say :joy:

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Easy money - 500% potential :rofl: :rofl:

I feel at these levels T212 should just take Wirecard off the platform for the safety of gamblers!


don’t say this word so loud here :face_with_hand_over_mouth: