Wirecard- buy? Sell?

So after wirecard announced ‘misplacing’ an unholy amount of money what are people’s thoughts?

Their share price has absolutely plummeted down and have seen different info on them… a seemingly ‘stable’ company…

Would you leave this stock alone or take a little punt at this?

I would leave it alone.

It’s a trap!! :grin:

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@pbigmoon @laguiar why though? Will this not recover the market just having a massive drop over some bad news?

Some bad news? Well if missing billion or two is some bad news. Then I guess they might be good opportunity. :thinking:

For trading it might be interesting as a lot of volatility. For investing, wouldn’t touch with a broomstick.

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It’s not bad news… they are making up the balance sheet.

for sure you will make money on them… but by principles, I don’t put my money on companies that do this kind of things, same reason why I never added Wells Fargo to my dividend portfolio.

I know, investors with principles are boring and not cool… :sunglasses:

Seems to be in the same boat as luckin coffee maybe?

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Yeah I know that I meant bad news for the company not just some bad news :rofl:

Need some info on this and ride it out I’ve taken a little punt which I normally don’t do on these type of stocks

Heard a lot of bad views of this also, I stayed away from these though haha

Good buy now if day trading it

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Repeat that now?


I was going to say… that didn’t age well :slight_smile:


Wirecard CEO quits https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/wirecard-ceo-quits-after-billions-of-dollars-go-missing-from-balance-sheets-112517748.html

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Just saw it :flushed:

Hope that he goes to jail after all.


I’m catching the tides folks both up and down :slight_smile: great trading to be had

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I play for pennies compared :beers: 1 x share only

Had more success yesterday…

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Been in and out both ways

I played twice today. Lost in the morning. Gained in the afternoon so even overall.

After reading more - I am staying out. Too risky to be honest. Whilst there may be some short term gain - I would short if anything.


Listening to podcasts about AMC and VMW they sound good AMC trading $5 a share and looks hopeful for the future!

I would buy :ok_hand:t2: Put everything you got into it