Wirecard market closed

Hello veryone,

Why market for Wirecard has been closed? I wanted to buy the dip and I know how risky it can be. Is there any chance it opens today (again)?

its because of the dip being so sever.

since the dip is a result of fraud, I recommend you don’t put your money there, you could see it reopen and fall another 20% with no signs of ever getting your money back.

Has the fraud been confirmed? If yes, then I definitely will not buy the dip. But if they manage to release the balance sheet until tomorrow it could rocket back to 80-90 level. But thank you for the warning, I think I will wait until tomorrow.


$2.1billion missing is hardly going to be a paperwork error but I can see your point :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I think you are right. Too risky. Better stay off. Thanks:)

1 hour ago when you posted this the whole stock exchange was closed. That’s why you couldn’t buy anything.

Like @pipo said the whole Deutsche Borse was closed. :thinking:

Not even sure they have market halts for sever drops of single stocks… as it dropped 60% instantly.

If you still have wirecard, you won’t like this news there leaving Dax fast. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/13/wirecard-is-finally-getting-booted-from-germanys-blue-chip-dax-index.html