Withdraw card query

I’ve requested a withdrawal, which has been executed. But when I withdrew the amount I didn’t have my deposit card on there as I deleted it so where will the withdrawal go? I haven’t received anything in the account I used to make the deposit.


It should return to source of funding, takes 2-3 days usually…

Would they have contacted me if it wasn’t successful?

if things still don’t show up you may need to contact T212 to confirm the money left them and your account holder to see if the money is pending or received and just delayed to show in your account. as Vedran said it can take a few days. business days mind you, so not counting weekends and bank holidays

If your source of funding is card it will come in 2-3 days. You cannot remove card from withdrawal system unless you reached to t212 to remove card.

Removing card from deposit section doesn’t remove source of funding, you would still be able to withdraw on the same card.

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Thanks for the replies to both of you! Sorry I’m new on here.

I’m assuming then if you added and deposited on more than 1 card and chose to withdraw, even if you didn’t have any of them on the deposit section. Would it give you an option which one to withdraw it to?