Unable to withdraw free funds

I have a margin of 60% and over £1500 profits, and my account balance obviously far exceeds blocked funds. Why is it saying zero funds when I try and withdraw.
Please help.

I’m guessing you need to close the positions? If they allow the funds to be taken it would drop below the required margin?

I was thinking that, but 48 hours ago I had a similar amount of funds and could withdraw, what has changed as the new margin hasn’t come in to play yet?

:thinking: Hm I don’t know, those were my best guesses. :man_shrugging:

Same as happened to mine. I could withdraw and now some of the funds have vanished.

I had an advance day on Friday as well so in theory this should have increased.

@David any ideas?



Several threads are open on this issue, please merge and respond @David

Clearly this is not an individual customer issue. Funds withdrawal is blocked as of last week.

So will I be able to withdraw my free funds tomorrow when trading starts tomorrow as right now it is showing zero funds available but £1600 on my live page… my margin is in the 60’s.
It’s nuts🤷‍♂️

I have the same issue. Customer service replied that they have personally checked my account and I was told I have ZERO funds available to withdraw and kindly included a link explaining what blocked funds mean. :roll_eyes: I even included a schreenshot!! of the Free Funds available in my original enquiry.

I tried to withdraw on Thursday. I received a response on Sunday at 9pm! Now, by the time this issue will be solved the new margin requirements will be in effect bringing my funds below 50%. It takes 2 working day to process the withdrawal process on their side (sometimes is done instantly, I experienced both cases, in fact I had to nodge them once).

So I am a bit stuck how to explain if screenshots weren’t helpful!!

Btw, requesting Free funds withdrawal is 24/7, the processing what takes time. But once you requested it should be deducted from the balance.

But I guess if zero funds available to withdraw we cannot request it therefore nothing to process…

:wave: Withdrawals are processed within 3 business days:

Merged. Hope that helps.

Thank you!

Could you please this one as well?

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Hi, it won’t let me withdraw all funds in my account ( I do have positions open with profit in)

You need to close the trade before you can access those funds as not doing so would put you into a margin call

Surely I can as I have the free funds though?

No your in CFD so you are using a leverage ratio that your funds are included in. If price drops you wouldn’t be able to keep your position and lose your money


@Cashurkash You can withdraw free funds which are not in blocked funds. CFD is such that as the loss goes towards 50% more and more free funds are being blocked. So basically free funds are naturally are those above the 50% account health. So the amount of free funds fluctuates as your open positions profit/loss changes.

Leverage is already calculated into the blocked funds amount which changes to the detriment of free funds in case of loss. As soon as account health reaches 49-50% there are no more free funds available at that very moment and below 50%.

All people in posts above report their account is way above 50%, so this withdrawal issue is nothing to do with CFD leverage.

It is the case of T212 blocking free fund withdrawals as of last week when you have open positions.
We all have free funds available on our accounts yet on the withdrawal screen it shows up as ZERO funds available for withdrawal.


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@Simon07 Looking at your account’s state I can confirm that you have no free funds available to withdraw. You have bought instruments worth more than your deposit amount, which means you’ve used up part of your unrealized profits to continue opening positions. You still have a positive open p/l but we consider that result unrealized & we don’t support the withdrawal of unrealized funds - which has always been the case.

You can however close positions which would turn the unrealized result into realized & then you would be able to withdraw the funds.

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Withdrawals are working the same as they always have. I withdraw regularly.

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Absolute nonsense, there is zero reason why I can’t withdraw my free funds just like I always have.