Withdrawal Paypal

Hello Team,

I used Skrill at some point for Deposit/Withdrawal, it was instant.

Does same apply to paypal or is it in line with card payment? Aka 2-3 work days for processing/payout to land?

Checking FAQ I don’t see any mention, I could swear previously mentioned skrill somewhere as instant, not able to find references.


Hey @Vedran,

The funds will be allocated instantly in your PP account, once the withdrawal is confirmed on our end. :money_with_wings:

Hi @Tony.V ,

Thanks for update.
I noticed it is relatively instant once confirmed in your system.
One additional question, the funds are put on my Paypal balance and not back to the card used to charge T212 via paypal, is this something which I have to check with paypal on why?

Because my expectation was use Card via Paypal to charge , but also if I withdraw from t212 , that it is withdrawn to card…

Hey again,

Apologies for the late reply. That’s correct, yes - this has to do with PayPal, as we cannot select towards which card to send the funds directly.

Shame, because it beats the point of free charge/withdrawal. As paypal charges 1% fee to move funds from Paypal Balance to Card which was used in first place to charge t212. :frowning:

I know it’s an old and already answered question, but I have a problem at the moment that is related to your reply.
I tried to withdraw to PayPal and it got confirmed yesterday. But it did not arrive until now. I already was wondering. I’m used to instant transactions with PayPal.
Do you know of any delays at the moment?

@MillionJT I can’t see a PP withdrawal under the account associated with your email - there is only a transaction towards your card. Nonetheless, I’m not familiar with any delays with PP: once the funds are issued on our end, you should receive them almost instantly.

That is interesting. I’m absolutely sure, that I chose PayPal for the withdrawal. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to check the chosen withdrawal method afterwards. But if it got send back to my CC as you mentioned, it might arrive tomorrow.
Thanks for the help