Withdrawal process - redesigned

Hello everyone,

We redesigned the withdrawal process flow (available with the latest iOS and Android updates).

Here’s what’s new:

  1. Once the amount is selected, you’ll see to which payment method the funds can be withdrawn
  2. All currently saved withdrawal options will be listed. Yet, only those that match the AML policies and precautions will be available to choose from.


The current release is the first phase of a wider project. With the upcoming implementations, you’ll be able to request a card removal with just one click from the app (instead of reaching our team).

Any feedback is welcome :pray:


This is a much improved system and the option to remove old cards via the App and without sending emails to customer service will be handy too. This was one of my main concerns with 212 and I havent even ever withdrawn or wanted to in the near future, but the system needed improving.

thank you


Looking gooood! The team is really moving forward, love to see the progress!

Can you maybe elaborate on the following text stated on the policies page you linked to?
“Because of anti-financial crime precautions, the amount you can withdraw to a certain method may be limited to the total amount of deposits made with it.”

How does this work if we want to withdraw our funds + profit? And to what withdrawal methods will this limitation apply to?


Looks neat and a step in the right direction, well done.

Could you also do some work on removal of annoying notifications regarding volatility and such please?

Same goes for opting out of communities? Despite removing all interests I still get all kind of spam from everything. I just want to have a monthly direct debit, log in to see if everything went thru and that’s it…simple and boring.

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Normally if you have deposited £100 from card A and £50 from card B, and want to withdraw £200, you need to withdraw the same from both accounts and then you can withdraw your £50 profit.

So you could say withdraw £100 back to card A, and then withdraw £100 to card B, or withdraw £50 on card B and then £150 to card A.

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I understood this concept before you posted, but it did get me thinking.

Card A is deleted, doesnt exist anymore, where do the funds that were associated with Card A divert to? the next Card added after Card A?

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There is a complex algorithm behind the flow, with many “ifs”. So it’s hard for me to provide you with a straight answer since it may vary due to different factors. In a nutshell: a client will always have the flexibility to choose while aligning with the AML requirements. Functionalities like this one aim to ease and automate the process, but you’ll always have 24/7 client support if there is an issue or you have a specific requirement.


And there is no withdrawal fee, am I right?

Help file is helpful




I’m having enough trouble trying to deposit money in at the moment, it seems Lloyds bank is restricting my daily transfers to £5000. It amazes me that they have so much control without even asking for my consent. Hopefully i get a decent DCA on Monday

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It’s automod - it usually flags stuff like this to hide accidental posting of account details etc - your second one will be the double post.

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Not that I want to. But how do you withdraw income made within the app. So let’s say you add 20k to an ISA and buy 20k worth of stuff that day for simplicities sake.

Let’s say that a few of those stocks have been sold for profit and a healthy amount of dividend has been generated.

A few years later the user wants to withdraw, how would that work

212 doesn’t yet offer a flexible ISA, so whatever you take out, can only be put back on IF you haven’t used your full annual allowance.

While @Dougal1984 's right about us not offering a flexible ISA, it’s worth mentioning that withdrawing will not impact your allowance. In short - you’re free to withdraw at any time.