Can’t Withdraw Profits

I have a major problem and can’t withdraw profits! Bear with me as this is a very important post.

Here’s my situation…
I had one debit card X and one credit card Y setup since March and last week I setup a new card Z as my old one card X had expired out of date. I then deposited €100 to activate it ion T212. Then I wanted to withdraw some free funds of €2000 and it won’t let me.
I tried €500, €200, €150 and it won’t let me withdraw. Then I tried the original deposit amount of €100 and it worked.

Support say you can only withdraw to the original card and it seems you can only withdraw the amount deposited… what?
So I can’t withdraw my profits? Even to a new verified account - Why?
Can anyone help with this as I fear all our profits are locked (if you change cards or bank accounts) and can’t be withdrawn.

Sounds CRAZY but this is the position I am in.
Does this mean if I withdraw using my credit card Y this too will not allow withdrawals over the total deposits using this payment method? If so how do we withdraw profits?

So in short how can I withdraw my free funds or profits if the T212 only allow you withdraw the original amount deposited for each payment method?

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Just one question, if your card expired, surely new one will have same number , just different dates and cvv code.

Anyway would reach support in question what is the process with expired card and using republished same one after issuer sends.

Thanks but the new card is for a different bank account.
But regardless, it’s my account and the app doesn’t seem to allow withdrawals over the total deposit amount?
The real concern is how can you withdraw your profits from free funds with this system?

Well, then expired card has to be removed from their system. I would reach to support to remove other card from their internals.

Just by removing it from “funds” page doesn’t do anything really, it is still in the internals.

I had no problem withdrawing profits.

Thanks for your reply but I have already removed the old expired card.

So you reached to support and asked them to remove old card from their system?

It seems strange. You should be allowed withdraw to any verified account.
Why is the card withdrawal limited to the card deposited amount?
Doesn’t make sense.

anti-money laundering. they need to cover all bases which is why it goes back to the same card, by asking for it to be removed from the system this allows you to confirm your identity and thus release the funds to the next fund source.

I only have 1 source of funds, as such any profits I make can also be withdrawn to that source even when it is in excess of the deposited amount. there must be further calculations to be taken into consideration with multiple cards I assume.

This makes sense alright.
I just hope we can withdraw profits as my experience shows you can only withdraw the deposited amount…

Also to stop people using credit cards to fund and then withdrawing it to bank account free of fees

You should be able to withdraw it direct to your bank account though less the originally funded amount?

As far as I know, the fact that a card has expired should not prevent refunds being made as they are bound to a transaction ID rather than to the card itself - but I might be wrong.
I had funded my T212 account using a disposable Revolut card (so the card was disabled after I used it) but I was still able to withdraw funds back in the form of a refund.

If I remove all payment methods except my most recent will this become the default method and allow withdrawals?

Can’t hurt to try it or wait to speak to someone tomorrow?

It might be annoying to you, but the setup as above is for your own protection.

Imagine someone else had accessed your account by using a key logger on your pc to gain your details, deposited £100 from a new card to activate it, and then withdrew £2000. Not that different a situation right?

You know this hasn’t happened, but 212’s automated system doesn’t. You’ll just need to complete some extra security verification, and you’ll be fine. Contact them during business hours next week.

I’ve had similar with PokerStars and Betfair.


Good point, thanks a million :+1:

I will contact T212 and hopefully get clarification on my issue.
Hi am also moving banks in the new year so interesting to see how this transition works.
Thanks for the feedback :+1:

No, the ones you remove will still appear.

(I tried it)

As you move the slider different payment methods appear and disappear depending on how much you paid in with that method.

Why isn’t this more straightforward?
Surly you should be able to withdraw to any of your accounts by login or text verification code or other security means.
This needs to be simplified by T212

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I doubt this has anything to do with T212 and their desire to complicate stuff, rather with compliance to AML.

If you want to keep things simple, use single bank account/card to fund operations for the entire journey, no fuss then.