Withdrawal when funding with multiple credit/debit cards

“once you receive a refund in all cards used for the account funding, just then you’ll have available the option to select on which card will be issued the next refunds”

Is this a correct statement?

I made the mistake of funding the majority of my investment funds with credit cards months ago. Now if I withdraw funds, my credit card balances will far exceed the credit limit of the cards with excess funds. Is there any way to have the ability to withdraw to bank account or debit card, through the web/mobile interface without having to make special requests?

You should be able to choose where your withdrawal goes to as long as its not a credit card. It has to be verified and ideally one of your original funding sources. It should not split a withdrawal balance across multiple sources

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I totally agree with you Lenos and support what you say, but unfortunately this is not how the withdrawal system works.

It is very restrictive and tends to prefer to return funds to the card used for largest proportion of funding. And if that is a credit card with a substantial sum and you have already paid the balance, you are in trouble.

Trading212 must provide more flexibility with withdrawals.

Withdrawals on credit cards simply make no sense in most cases.

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perhaps in the short term shop more with your credit card and use the withdrawals to cover the balance until you have funded your account more by debit cards/transfers?

Thanks, but… Withdrawals should take reasonable time. And what if you need to withdraw /€/£ 10,000 on a card with /€/£ 5,000 limit? Or what if you need more, say your profits are /€/£ 100,000? Would you need to spend /€/£ 5,000 per month and wait to finish your withdrawal within 2 years? (while converting this into more things/service than you possibly need instead of direct money)?

You can see how this can easily become impractical for many people, particularly successful investors…

Dear T212 team,

Withdrawals on credit cards make no sense in the majority of cases.

If an investor typically would fund his/her credit card, would typically take months or even years till they wish to withdraw their funds in addition to potential profits.

Typically users depositing with credit cards would often deposit lump sums exceeding their regular spend. Withdrawals would result in excess credit which: may be rejected, cannot be transferred to bank accounts, or incur significant cash advance fees to be withdrawn or transferred from a credit card to cash/current accounts.

Kindly consider this suggestion in a framework which would allow compliance with AML and prioritize debit cards or bank transfers over credit cards in your system for withdrawals.

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My personal suggestion for people would be to not use their credit cards if they don’t want to receive the funds back to source.

I agree in blindsight.

Well I did it and didn’t know about the restriction until I tried to make my first withdrawal. I don’t live in the UK or EEA either. The withdrawal rules of T212 and AML regulations were even different months ago when I first funded my account with my card.

Why should I and others in similar situation be punished for it?

Other trading platforms support funding with cards and withdrawals in bank accounts of they are of the same person.

Also this situation blocks someone with significant account value to withdraw and close their account at any time, if they funded with credit cards over time.

In case you have deposited a significant amount of funds with card A and a smaller amount with card B, the deposited amount will be refunded with priority to card A. In case you are using credit cards, you would need to consider the credit limit.

In your case: you can withdrawal the amount up to the sum which you have deposited with your credit card. Then, just place another withdrawal for the rest of the remaining funds & you’ll be able to select where you’d like to receive them. This applies if you have deposited via different payment methods. If not, feel free to reach our team, and we’ll explore our options.


Before I was able to select which card i want to withdraw. Now, looks like that functions was removed. As I used 2 accounts to deposit I would like to do same to withdraw.

@Alex.Santos Sure, we can assist you with that. The best to have it sorted is to reach our team using the in-app contact form, and we’ll check your case further. :ok_hand:

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I had this recently.
A large sum went back on to my credit card. A card with zero balance.

Don’t panic.
Most credit card companies WILL transfer any negative balance to your current account.

I know as I did this just last week.

Again. Any negative balance on your credit card, due to 212 refunding back your transactions, can be transferred to your current account. Just give your credit card company a call and request.

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Dear RVP. I live in the UAE, where banking works differently to the UK and EEA systems. Moreover, holding a credit card with one provider does not mean that you also hold a bank account with them, not all providers are banks, simple examples are BA or Amazon credit cards. In which case, the current practice and none of the above comments are helpful. Not all credit cards are issued by banks…

Whatever dude.

And to put you straight, my credit card is Amex and not issued by my bank.

My points are helpful, just not to you.


I have used multiply cards to topup and successfully withdrawn funds to specific cards used. But most recently I started my topup via instant bank transfer via True layer… the only reason to topup via bank was so I can withdraw funds bank to my main bank acc.

But I dont have any option of withdrawing it back to my bank acc only option I get is same cards used in past. I dont have to withdraw immediately but linked cards can change and expire with time. This can be rectified via customer service but its difficult to keep up with cards detail with long term investment.