Withdrawing and new card

Hello everyone, I was wondering something about withdrawing money and the anti-laundering rules.

We know that :

  • The first card you use to deposit money will be used to send your withdrawal.

For security reasons, we will send your withdrawn funds using the same payment methods you have used for funding your account. If you have funded your account using:

Bank transfer - we will return your funds to your bank account
Debit/Credit card* - we will refund the money to your card.

I want to keep my investment several years, what happens when my card expires and I get a new one ? They will never be able to send the money to this old expired card.
Am I getting this right ?

Should I withdraw everything before my card expires ?

What do you think ?

This forum like most of them has a search :mag: function.
This question was already asked by several other users.
You just need to send a mail with your updated info(card in your case).

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