Card expiry and withdraws

Hi there,

I use a debit card as the main way to fund and widthdraw cash from my account.

When this card expires, what happens?

Will I need to contact support to have them remove and re-add my new card that I wish to withdraw too or will Trading212 notice the card has expired automatically and remove it, then upon me adding a new card, use that for widthdraws?



You’ll need to reach our team, and we’ll assist you further accordingly. Currently, we’re in the process of automating the actualization of expired cards.


From my experience, when a debit card expires, money going to that card still go through to your bank account. When my card expired, I added the new card to my payment methods and both payments and withdrawals went smoothly.

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Hi @Tony.V,

I have the following situation:
My card expired, after that, I made a few small deposits via Apple pay and one more from a Card (the card has the same card number as the one who expired since I renew it).
If I want to withdraw I cannot withdraw on the card more that I deposit with.
How can I set up my card as the default withdraw option OR set as default a bank account for withdrawing?


You need to read my post first, to understand the context, instead of reading only the final question.


I’m just trying to help you.
Send a mail to or contact them via the app in “Chat with us” and explain your situation. The team will help you.

Already done that, I am waiting for answers… But I post this here for those who have/or will have the same problem as me. Maybe like me, they will look for answers on the forum first… eventually will not keep flood chats or email with any question.
And yes… I know you are trying to help, and thank you.

@runx In a nutshell: you cannot setup a default withdrawal method.

Nonetheless, as @Rygel suggested - reach out our team, and your inquiry will be attended as soon as possible, providing you with more information relevant to your case.

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Not the case with all banks, in all countries.