Withdrawing Funds beyond what you paid in

Has anyone made a successful trade where the profit exceeds what they initially deposited in T212?

I have a situation where I have a new Debit Card that I need to add and it will only allow me to withdraw the exact amount I paid in to that debit card even though its a replacement card for the previous.

This got me wondering, how do you get out the money you put in if the max you can withdraw is what you put in?

Am I over thinking this? Just its weird that the new card I added cant take out from my funds more than what it contributed…

there is no restriction in how much you can withdraw, your issue is resulting from having added a new source of funding without having the old expired one removed. AML regulations have caused this.

If you contact the team you should be able to start the process of having the old sources removed from your account and once that is done your funds should all withdraw to your new card.

I find that it can be best to have a bank transfer as your source of funds normally because they don’t expire so you can always withdraw to them without worry until you then fund the account with another debit/credit card.

I don’t think card expiration is issue, because the one you get replacing has identical card number, what differs is CVC and expiration date.

Also you reach support with details about expiration, if needed they can fix backend.

So I wouldn’t worry about real expired card and real replacement.

Most people add completely new source of funding, then complain they can’t withdraw money to new source. Money laundering anyone?

@Vedran I would think so too, but it sounds like the system is treating it as a brand new card rather than a replacement for the old one.

If indeed it is replacement of same card used, reach to support, they just need proper evidence. It will get resolved.

From past experience in community, folks complain when adding completely different account then do single top up, expect to pull out everything to new source. Well that won’t happen.