Would you like a pie?

It’s a matter of configuration from our side but it will also depend on a few variables - money in your account, minimums for the particular fractions, etc.

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The last time I was so excited was when Olympiakos won the Euroleague. Great job T212 team!


Great! Admire your hard work!

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HECK YES! Thank you for all the recent updates, they are very much appreciated. Am very grateful to have a broker that ships useful features and cares about their customer base. Every single other broker in Europe are a bunch of greedy lazy slackers.


I am also interested in something like this. sector pies are very much needed to have a balanced portfolio easy to follow.


its great to see adjusting 1 entry doesn’t try to auto-re-balance the rest and just tells you how much % over 100 you are to do it manually.


Would I be able to do for example a one off £1,000 deposit and then invest it all in one go based on my pie settings. I will make varying monthly deposits.
Thank you !

I think thats what the + blue circle is for. to select the stocks you wish to invest in and then the sliders determine the ratio between each.

not sure if it would only let you add stocks you hold a position in first or if it lets you add completely new shares from zero. but it would be easy enough to buy companies according to their rough % and then allow the autobalance to run from there.

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Yes @Rishi, this will be possible. You will be able to add to or withdraw from your portfolio any amount of funds at any time.


Sounds fantastic ! Thank you :blush:

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It does sound good, but I would like sub Pie. My main investment is dividend based, but it does not means it’s my only way, I would like to be able to see my dividend investment from my spec and growth investments. Each one I would be expect different results and how I measure sussess are also different.

For example in my dividend investment my cash flow is more important than growth (growth is still valued).

But when it’s all together it’s a pain and means more spreadsheet are needed.



Maybe this?


Will this be available within ISA wrapper?

+1 vote for having sub-pies!

How will the auto-buy be handled? Will we be able to choose schedule (day(s) of week, particular hours of the day) when the trading will take place? Or will this get executed as soon as funds get booked in? I would prefer to be able to select trade windows.

Will we be able to disband or assemble a pie? Let’s say I want to remove certain ticker from a pie and put it into ‘normal’ account view (or disband the entire pie and put all shares into general account).
Or I would want to take a certain position and add it to an existing pie. Or create a starting pie from existing positions, select few other companies to buy and the pie would buy the new companies first (re-balancing the % splits).


Hi @Zireael,

Yes, it will be available within the ISA.

We will support multiple pies.

The auto-buy will be based on a configurable schedule (e.g. weekly on Friday / monthly on 3rd / daily / etc.). Specifying the exact time of day won’t be possible. If we see enough demand for that we will add it with a following release.

Moving existing investments in and out of pies is in our todo list, however, we might start without it.


Will fractional percentages be allowed? I’ve already planned my allocation and have a couple of 2.5%s in it, or will I need to round it off to an integer?

Yes, you will be able to use fractional percentages :slight_smile:


I cannot wait for this feature be available :heart_eyes:


we are in March already, maybe we do not need (I hope) to wait much longer.

I think you have to be a bit more patient: