Wrong total - URGENT

I am currently at $16.05 with Revolve Group and own 17 shares, however, my total is only coming up as $215 and it meant to $272 if you times the number of shares X current total. I am currently $57 under on my total. This share is not calculating correctly on the app. Please fix as a matter of urgency as this was my sell-out point.

It’s not because the dollar is worth a lot less today than when you bought it?

Second are you looking at the buy price and not the sell price next to the return? The spread looks to be at least a $1.

Usually either or both of those.

Or the 215 is GBP, not USD?

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Really needs to have some way in the app to show people the impact of foreign exchange because these questions seem to be daily at the moment!

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If they show people gain in both USD and GBP that would help I guess

Think this one is different. User getting confused between which bit is shown in one currency and which is the other.

We also need to bid/ask and spread visible before you buy.

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