๐Ÿ”ฎ Your 2024 Stock Market & General Predictions

Following the precedent of @VicVega & @Hbomb and keeping with the tradition :wink:
What are all of your predictions for 2024? It doesnโ€™t have to be just stock related.

  1. Biden wins the election
  2. Sunak wins the election
  3. FTSE 100 Outperforms S&P 500 (magnificent 7 pull back)
  4. Russia- Ukraine War comes to an end
  5. UK Inflation reached the 2% target or below
  6. Pearson & Haleon goes private

Great stuff! I tend to agree with No.3 particularly, some ETF exposure to VUKE (or similar) rather than just something like VWRL would be my pick for cost averaging in ETF type investors.

My predictions:

  1. UK BoE interest rates stay at 4.25% or above by year end (current 5.25%).
  2. House prices grow +5% or more in nominal terms (due to some govt pumps for election) based on either Halifax or Nationwide indexes.
  3. Govt changes inheritance tax to be lower (donโ€™t think they will abolish fully though)

Some stock predictions:

  1. Boston Omaha ends year above $20
  2. Markel buys back over 4% of their shares in 2024
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