20:55 1st Dec Drop

Just noticed, at 20:55 on the 1st Dec PLTR, SBE, NNDM & NIO all dropped at the exact same time by about $5.

Nothing to do with 212 but thought it was interesting.

is it 20:55 and not 21:00? which would coincide with the normal market hours vs after hours. Where market makers are different spreads are bigger etc. It is not uncommon to see these at the exact time of the closing bell.

Yeah, looks like the After/Pre get’s squished on the charts.

Isn’t it the concern of exchange delisting?

These graphs don’t show after hours prices. It looks like they dropped because those four stocks all opened up lower this morning. If you go on the candlestick view it will show a clear distinction rather than a continuous line

Indeed, saw that after the fact on Trading View, or far less technically the post/pre market gets “squished” as one, hence the daily drop/lift around that time.

Still, who doesn’t like a minor mystery!