2023 Predictions for the market

As requested by popular demand (@Zrtz :smiley: ) as 2022 comes to a close let’s look towards 2023.Of course predictions should not form your whole investing thesis, but we all predict how companies will do to some degree otherwise we wouldn’t invest.

What are all of your predictions for 2023?

  1. Brent will drop back down under $80
  2. BIDS will announce revised revenue forecasts and SP will rise above 10p
  3. CHRYsalis Investment Trust will return to above 120p
  4. Value will outperform growth for the first 6 months.
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Everything tanks due to lowerer earnings but the UK is in a severe depression due to the many job cuts in addition to the lack of inventive for many to work.


Action will continue its non stop growth throughout Europe, hence 3i group will go back to its normal 20%+ premium. When it gets to 30% premium i might sell some.

A depression is a recession and deflation combined.
Deflation is a negative. You may be the only one who thinks that inflation will be negative number in 2023!

I don’t think I mentioned inflation being negative, only that a depression is worse than a recession.

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