2024 most wanted features

I don’t understand why you would want this. Using your example of a sell order:

  • buy at 100
  • create limit sell with limit price of 110
  • price temporarily drops to 80 but limit sell expires so your order sells at 80
  • price reverts to 105
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Poll added. Sorry if i missed any.


it will be interesting to see the results

I’ve added a link to the community. Kept it unbiased.

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Still strange we have 2 seperate communities. :thinking: :person_shrugging:


It’s important to acknowledge that while the feature offers convenience, it inherently carries risks, especially in volatile markets. Automatic conversion to market orders could indeed result in selling at undesirable prices, leading to potential losses.

such a feature should be optional. Traders who are comfortable with the associated risks can opt to use it, while others can continue trading without it.

For instance, Interactive Brokers offers a variety of advanced order types and algorithms that can help with timing the market, limiting risk, and improving execution speed . These include orders like “Good After Time/Date (GAT)” and “Good-til-Date/Time (GTD)”, which could potentially be used to set orders for specific times and dates.

Voted but here’s some of my suggestions:

  1. JISA - have 2 young children I’d love to be able to invest in stocks with zero fees

  2. SIPP - having recently changed jobs be great to bring my old pensions into one place

  3. save/copy chart settings - having to add my favourite metrics (RSI, moving averages, MACD), trend lines and view settings every time I’m adding a new stock or cache gets reset is annoying

  4. stop resetting candles to line chart on stock screen - frustrating when beta updates and resets some display settings

  5. YTD - view on the portfolio and stock charts

  6. Portfolio performance - better analysis of portfolio performance, weekly, monthly, quarterly, YTD, annually and since inception

  7. dividend calendar, PADI estimates - some great apps out there (eg Stock Events) but nice if these features were integrated

  8. automatic trend/support/resistance lines

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Junior SIPP too would be nice


I’m surprised people seem to be focusing on “nice to haves” rather than massively tangible, impactful changes. Surely everyone has a pension, so why isn’t SIPP more popular? Same with making the ISA flexible. I guess I don’t place much value on the flashy stuff, I just want to invest long term.


I agree with you flexible ISAs and SIPPs do seem to be what T212 should be focussing on. Speaking for myself, I don’t really have the spare funds to invest in a SIPP right now but would like to in the future. The lack of flexible ISA unfortunately will stop me from investing in T212 for 2024-25 due to specific circumstances that I will be in for the next financial year.

I’m going to have a go and say a lot of people in the UK have workplace pension schemes and because you can only buy listed products, a lot of typical pension vehicles are not available on 212(yet).

Adding my personal view to what Dougal said…

I suspect a lot of people are relative beginners so comfortable keeping their pension in a workplace scheme while they learn - it is simpler and can be more beneficial for contribution matching and NI savings.

Many of those who do want their lifelong pension in a SIPP probably don’t want it in a relatively new fintech. Good to diversify your brokers as well as your stocks.

And finally, it would have a large ongoing costs so I’m quite happy that T212 focuses on its core rather than spread too wide on loss making features and need to introduce fees left, right and centre (like Freetrade).

Yeah. Everyone has a pension, so why do we need another?

Maybe a more simple reason why SIPP and ISA account types are less voted is that T212 has also non UK-resident customers. :wink:
(These features are only for British customers, and the other ones are more universal.)


The obvious answer is Option trading. Would be lovely if commission free too. Would be the first in europe as IBKR has big commissions on options.


SIPP and LISA are the main thing for me, as jumping between 3 different providers (I have my ISA and GIA here) for these is an absolute pain. Would love for T212 to be the go-to place for all my investments!

Personally I would love to see the addition of;

Dividend dashboard - currently I’m adding everything to a spreadsheet which is fine, but potentially subject to user error or dodgy calculations lol

Multiple device access (when I log into T212 on Windows I get logged out of Android - sometimes both is useful)

Having access to JISA here. My kids JISA’s are with HL who are pretty good, but it would be handy to be able to manage everything through one provider.

  • Fully working API for integration with Snowball Analytics and other stock/dividend tracking apps
  • Sorting/filtering of investments by profit, profit%, day/week/year
  • Also sorting/filtering of investments/holdings within a Pie
  • When clicking on Portfolio, dont show a random stock in the upper right pane, but show the portfolio and options to show categories or stock %
  • Calender showing future dividend payments

enough for now, but so far happy-ish with trading212

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Some fantastic suggestions. I suggested this back at the end of ‘21 and I still think it would be a fantastic upgrade!

I would like an unlimited number of “pending” limit orders on my favorite stocks so if they pullback I can top up.

If I had £5000 left in my free funds and I wanted to put limit orders on 6 companies for £1000 each, waiting for whichever ones triggered first to succeed - I would not be able to. I find this really annoying to manage and having funds blocked for pending limit orders is something I would like to see removed or revised. Having pending orders triggered in a “first come first served” basis until there are no funds left at which point no more purchases would be possible makes sense to me. This would really help my investment style!

Other than that, and making the slide bars a little easier to use on your windows version I have no other suggestions!

All the best for 2024 :beers::champagne:


I understand the reasons why platforms don’t allow pending orders to exceed available funds particularly if they provide direct market access (which T212 doesn’t) but I agree with you. Also in leveraged accounts you can place as many orders as you want and they simply get cancelled/don’t execute if you don’t have enough free funds when they are triggered.

As you say, in an ideal world it would be great for orders to simply execute on a on trigger basis and get cancelled at that point if there aren’t enough funds. However, I doubt we’ll ever get this. It’s also really difficult trying to set price alerts to prompt us that the price is right to place the order (avoiding the need to have lots of pending orders creating blocked funds). T212 now supporting comments on price alerts is a great enhancement and I use it to remind me that the alert is a price to place an order rather than just a general monitoring alert. Thus I use the alert note feature to reduce the number of orders I need to have pending.

Another feature that I suspect we’ll never get is the ability to have chains of orders. eg if I place a limit buy order I would love to have a limit sell order that’s automatically placed if and when the buy is executed (ie place an order to buy at 100p and if the buy executes it automatically creates a sell order at 105p). That would be solved by adding “take profit” into the original buy order.

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