2024 most wanted features

  • Enhance auto invest
    • Allow selecting self balance mode
    • Be able to set a custom time at which the purchase will be made, instead of at market open
  • Remove the minimum amount when investing in a pie
  • Pies within pies
  • Allow direct deposit into a pie from a bank transfer
    • To achieve this, the pie ID could be included in the transaction details of the bank transfer
  • Add Tokyo Stock Exchange

Also i’ll add this i suggested a while ago.

  • JISA
  • SIPP
  • More trading strategies in non-CFD accounts, eg trailing limit
  1. Export the depot to another Broker or import from another Broker to Trading212 without selling every investment
  2. Show the percentage change of each investment per time unit

In Specie Transfer for sure


yahoo finance integration


@TInvest, @Amor1m, @Kholl share transfers are coming in early 2024 :hourglass_flowing_sand:


Could we have a SIPP please! :pray:



  • earnings date of companies in stocks page with an add to calendar button

  • to easily find the shares on which we have a pending order (limit buy for example)

  • as mentionned above: performance indicators. Possibility of seeing how well the portfolio is performing, being able to compare it to reference indices

Thanks! and congratulations on all the new features of the year 2023. Good job!

My most wanted:

  • Dividend calendar and dashboard
  • ETF div yield & composition
  • Dividends being received in stock currency
  • Smoother, faster app on Android


And to add sub markets like ASX1, although IB don’t offer it so assuming that’s still. No no.

I don’t see anyone mention:

Flexible ISA
Mutual Funds

Or the option to set both a date/time for auto investments so you can trade at the highest liquidity point of the day. It only really matters for less liquid stocks.

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Hello, some thoughts here:

  • Direct Debit Scheduled Payments - having full flexibility for scheduled payments outside pies.

  • Some sort of Dividend Dashboard, upcoming dividend ex-dividend dates, expected dividends in future months etc

  • Better visibility of portfolio statistics, portfolio performance, monthly/YTD Perfornance and information such as portfolio allocation weightings (e.g. instruments (bonds/gilts/stock/etf), company weighting (including within etfs), location), return and benchmarked to indicies

  • Dividend Payments Options - 1) DRIP outside pies. Option to select dividend payment gets automatically invested back into the same company in portfolio. 2) To have option for dividend payments to be paid out/withdrawn of account to bank account automatically.


I think you can effectively do this already, add the person permanently to your ignore list.

Export pie price history to csv.

Should be very easy to implement since the data are already there.

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In app.hdhdhdhdhdhdhdhd

Top of my list is that I’d like to see better in-service reporting. I suspect I’ll give up on it soon, but I really like the Vanguard-style performance dashboard views. I know we have the monthly emails, but it’s a very poor equivalent. I want to be able to analyse my performance dynamically in your own service without having to manually aggregate the data in some external tooling.

Doesn’t even have to be that fancy. Just let us see every instrument we’ve invested in within a given date range in a big old table, and give us the vital metrics for them.

Second priority for me is a SIPP. I’ve been experimenting this last year, and I’m looking for a provider with decent fund choices. I played with Vanguard as an experiment as I’m familiar with them already, but the latency when making changes is somewhat frustrating, as are the limited choice of funds…but at least the fees are less than my old provider’s :slight_smile: That money’s going to end up somewhere, and if I like their platform, I may end up moving everything else to keep my assets together, especially if any ISA fees are covered by any fees for the SIPP. The risk of not having an offering of your own is my T212 assets may end up there as well.

My third priority is better searching and filtering, generally. I like to keep things relatively simple, so I’m not interested in investing in anything other than US and UK instruments, accordingly, please provide a way to filter anything else out, especially in the instrument search section.

Also, the search in there could do with some advanced syntax, and then being able to save those searches would be helpful, too. i.e. “exchange:nasdaq&change:-2%” would give you instruments listed on Nasdaq which have changed by -2% or more.

A minor thing, I’d appreciate being able to give a percentage rather than a price when setting the various types of orders. i.e. if I have 100 stocks of ExampleCorp with an average cost of £1, then I’d like to be able to set up a limit order for 20% as my target, not £1.20 to get me the £120. Obviously it’s easy arithmetic, but it would be a nice convenience, IMHO.

Finally, I also really like the direct debit suggestion someone made above.

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My most wanted features are maybe some sort of better dividend tracking, maybe a chart that shows what you got each month.

Mostly id love the ability to just select and see my portfolio’s year to date performance as the only result currently available is your overall performance

  1. Option to see your portfolio gains/losses during specific timepoints e.g. 1 week, 1 month, 1 year.

  2. Add owned stocks to our own created folders/sectors (or do this automatically) to see what sector is performing well. Something like M1 Finance does.



Pies within pies. See everyone wants it.


I agree one suggestion specifically:
Feature Suggestion: Time-Specific Limit Orders with Automatic Market Order Conversion

Primary Function: This feature allows users to set limit sell or buy orders for a specific date and time.
Secondary Function: If the limit order does not execute by the specified time, it automatically converts to a market order.
This functionality would be incredibly useful for traders who have precise expectations for market movements but also want to ensure action if those expectations aren’t met within a specific timeframe. This hybrid order type would offer a blend of precision and assurance.

Example Scenario:
A user sets a limit sell order for a stock at a specified price, with a deadline of 2 PM on a particular day.
If the stock does not reach the set price by 2 PM, the system automatically converts the order into a market sell order, ensuring that the trade is executed even if the desired price was not reached.

Flexibility and Precision: Allows traders to set targeted prices for a limited time, offering a balance between specific price targets and timing.
Risk Management: Helps in managing risks associated with holding positions for too long, especially in volatile markets.
Automation and Convenience: Reduces the need for constant market monitoring, as the order automatically adjusts based on the trader’s predefined conditions.
I believe this feature would be a significant value addition to Trading212, catering to both seasoned traders and newcomers who seek more control and flexibility in their trading strategies.