A feature that allows you to swap your investment from one share to another

If there’s an occasion where I choose to swap a particular share in one of my pies, I often remove the old share that I am replacing, choose the new one, allocate the same % and then I have to rebalance the whole pie so that the old share is sold and funds are re-distributed which funds the new share.

It would be nice to have a feature that allows you to ‘swap’ an investment. For example, pick a share you own, instead of buy or sell, you select ‘swap’ and then pick the new share. The software then sells the old share and re-invests into the new one. Ideally this would work in a pie without having to rebalance.

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I’ve passed on this intriguing suggestion, @mani212. I’ll let you know if we start working on such a feature. :ok_hand: