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I like the graph of portfolio but it is not useful when you are selling and buying a lot. I would love to have an additional graph showing the value of the account as well.

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Hey tony, would love to see a break down by sectors to see what sectors our portfolio is weigh in.


It would be great to have IPO subscriptions or at least some features to better track and place orders on IPOs. There is not even an IPO calendar…

@arunas 2 amazing ideas but in that case I assume we wont be able to use the folder sector on the pie.

The said will add it after Q3. I hope they manage to do so.

i’d like to see this feature so my created chart template would be standard…

Apologies if this is elsewhere in the community :smile:

  1. Desktop ability to view, and act on all 3 T212 accounts without logging in and out. I have CFD, Invest and ISA.

  2. Charts: Live volume result (5.6m), and with green/red indicators on each tick volume. In CFD Ac’ Buyers and Sellers show as green/red percentage in instruments details, however this isn’t sufficient, and often stops working.

  3. Level 2 data on CFD is necessary, at minimum Time and Sales, Ask/Bids, Hot Keys.

  4. Allow Extended Hours on All tickers with this ability on CFD.

  5. More tickers for CFD as it seems forgotten, new tickers don’t appear as often.

  6. Tidy up the search field/desktop. In the desktop if i select the arrow on the left hand side of the chart screen i get to see new instruments, standard instruments, watchlist, top winners/losers. if i select the search field icon these options don’t appear.

  7. Top Winners/Losers as a list of 10 tickers would be beneficial, i’m unsure how this is determined on T212, other platforms its the highest winners and losers of the day via percentage change as a live stocks category, T212 is not the case.

  8. Hot Instruments? i don’t understand how it’s determined, anytime i’ve viewed the results, appear not to be a hot ticker.

  9. All new tickers added should come with at least 1 years chart information and data as standard. often there is no history even though its not new.

  10. All tickers being delisted which are traded via T212 should be detailed in a tab across all accounts.

  11. If a chart template has been designed, it would be ideal to allow the option to view all future opened charts/tickers in this setting, without the need to manually select each time.

  12. More tickers please across all 3 accounts. i believe people would stop asking if they were aware what T212 were prioritising/working towards. are you wanting to gain all UK FTSE/LSE tickers? are you wanting to gain all US Nasdaq/NYSE tickers?

  13. i’m unsure what T212 are wanting to become in the industry? ie: the best Invest, Isa platform, the best professional trading platform? i ask, because as a user, neither area is a good standard, and feels as though you are starting new initiatives such as Pie, but not ironed out the previous issues. Teaming up with a company who has strength in your weakness ie: ticker data, would lighten your load and retain customers when new platforms reach the UK.

  14. New video on youtube how to navigate and use features through all 3 accounts via mobile and desktop platform.

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Hi, landscape mode in the app, preferible tablet friendly and with the possibility of shared screen with other apps.

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I have a few requests/suggestions after using the site for a while:

  1. The ability to select a time period and show the price/percentage change (similar to how google finance does it). If there is a way of doing this, they it should be easier to find.
  2. Show the overall gain and lose on your account as an option in the bottom right, i.e. current value of the account (invested + cash) minus the amount payed into the account
  3. Countdown timers for closing/opening or exchanges you pick (could have it next to the clock in the bottom left)

Would it be possible to have news related to our portfolio holding ?



@George Hi mate,

Hope you’re doing well!
Regarding the pie investment app,
Would it be possible to have extra setting such as how much allocation is made in EU countries, USA, Asia etc … and by industry?



Hi, please advise if Moltey Fool is a good platform to have yearly subscription for share advise? Or any other platform recommended.
Also any share advisor for swing/short term trading?

It would be awesome if you could create a third type of account for those like me , whom wants to keep using this trading platform becoz is great ! A third type of account in which you can pay for commissions and so on and you don’t have share lending , but else you lock your shares into a Custody account so no one can shoring it down and use your shares against you .

I use Motley Fools Rule Breakers premium service. They are OK (however the real prize is in another very expensive service they have regarding the Tier Zero(IoT) world which they advertise quite a bit) but ultimately you should do your own DD tbh but in case you dont have the time then i would say Motley Fools world work well (they have stock Advisor subscription as well for less risk). Good places, especially if youre swinging, are stocktwits for sentiment and new related tickers to whatever youre followgin (however lots of noise there) and general stock news from yahoo finance, finance.com, seeking alpha, wallmine etc

I think any platform like this needs Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for any new device signing into an account. People would rest easier knowing all security measure have been taken to protect their money.

  1. Enable widescreen mode on website to include item 2.

  2. Enable column resizing. This is a very basic DIV script change would give a huge quality of life boost to users of the website.

  3. Option to hide pie components from the investment tab.

  4. Alternatively, allow the creation of addition tabs in the Investment pie lines 1

  5. Scrollbar too narrow. Again a minor code change so that it is easier to click and drag.


Please please please add a way to save our graph analysis settings so that we don’t have to put in the MACD, Moving Average settings etc for every stock individually.

Please make a save button to save all the stuff set on one graph so you can load it into other stocks. Can you do that please?


I share these tips too.
The ability to download transactions would be a very useful feature.

I would like to be able to sort by percentage gain on the app as well as the website

I would love to have the option to set stop loss / take profit by percentage rather than $$value.
Saves time manually calculating.