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I share the exact same concern.

I just found that Trading 212 will only allow a limited number of price alert. I have put a lot of stock watching in yahoo finance, and it seems I could put more stocks to watch on yahoo finance than the one I have got on Trading 212.

When you put a limit order it will take your available fund in it and at some point, they will give a message something like you could put more limit with 95% used on your fund. Also with limit order they will not allow you to put the price too far from the current price. To avoid this we could put a price alert instead and when the price is reached we could go back and buy that stock.

Could we please increase the number of price alert we could put on the account please??


Could you give a timeframe when the option to see instruments in portfolio sorted in categories?

I have invested in too many instruments with the idea to diversify my portfolio, but I am struggling to keep up with as I don’t know how many of which industry or categories that I have anymore. “Probably my fault to have so many, I know.”

Also I don’t see an option to link and sync with external software such as Simply Wall St, Genuine Impact or Wallmine in order to keep track with my investments.

I agree. This is how I keep track.

Communications Services
Consumer Discretionary
Consumer Staples
Real Estate

A Portfolio separate from pies,
I have holding’s that are not in any pies or can’t be part of pies, due to lack of fractional shares.

I would like to have all of these shares in one portfolio.

At the moment it’s very cumbersome to find holdings that are not part of a Pie.

Watchlist don’t work well for this because they don’t give you a total return.

Yes I would like TouchID on the iPhone, instead of having to type my password everytime.