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I share the exact same concern.

I just found that Trading 212 will only allow a limited number of price alert. I have put a lot of stock watching in yahoo finance, and it seems I could put more stocks to watch on yahoo finance than the one I have got on Trading 212.

When you put a limit order it will take your available fund in it and at some point, they will give a message something like you could put more limit with 95% used on your fund. Also with limit order they will not allow you to put the price too far from the current price. To avoid this we could put a price alert instead and when the price is reached we could go back and buy that stock.

Could we please increase the number of price alert we could put on the account please??


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Could you give a timeframe when the option to see instruments in portfolio sorted in categories?

I have invested in too many instruments with the idea to diversify my portfolio, but I am struggling to keep up with as I don’t know how many of which industry or categories that I have anymore. “Probably my fault to have so many, I know.”

Also I don’t see an option to link and sync with external software such as Simply Wall St, Genuine Impact or Wallmine in order to keep track with my investments.

I agree. This is how I keep track.

Communications Services
Consumer Discretionary
Consumer Staples
Real Estate

A Portfolio separate from pies,
I have holding’s that are not in any pies or can’t be part of pies, due to lack of fractional shares.

I would like to have all of these shares in one portfolio.

At the moment it’s very cumbersome to find holdings that are not part of a Pie.

Watchlist don’t work well for this because they don’t give you a total return.

Yes I would like TouchID on the iPhone, instead of having to type my password everytime.

Traditional options trading , sell\buy puts/calls as example

Please add investments “sort by” profit %. I would love to see my biggest gainers at the top and losers at the bottom.

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I think T212 would benefit from:

  1. Onboard more stocks earlier.

  2. Add a “Recent News” Tab among the company info and financial info tabs, so that users can see what the latest news, financial reports, PR & broader company announcements.

  3. Retrieve and display longer term historical share price and volume data, and not just from the point of when it was added to T212. Also reflect pre and post market fluctuations in real time.

  4. Add sort functionality to the watchlists (by gain, loss, alphabetical, industry etc).

  5. If possible, provide L2 data as an add-on, as I’m sure this would probably not be able to be provided for free. I’m not sure.

The 212 app is great in many respects, likely among the best there is. But it definitely needs to be expanded to incorporate functionality that would be useful for both casual and seasoned traders & investors.

There is no Doubt that Trade 212 is one of the Best App in Europe for trading in Different Stock Exchanges.
It would attract more Customers we they can Focus on Below Points either in App or in the Website at least starting with US markets
1.Place to go and see Newly added Tickers to Trade 212
2.Upcomming IPO’s
3.Upcomming earnings of Company’s
4.Latest news related to the Tickers
5.Pre-Market and After Market Prices

Looks like with the increase in the users and Traffic of buy and sell App and also in website Transactions are not going fast enough

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I share! It would be very useful to be able to set up an unlimited number of price alerts.

Would it be possible to implement a simple „notes“ feature for each stock? Just so I can add some quick notes on why I put this on my watchlist for future reference. Can get confusing when you have 50 stocks on there. (I know I could take my own notes but this would make it faster and more comfortable)


Remove the restriction on not being able to copy Demo Account pies. I would like to test a pie in a demo account and then transfer it to my trading or ISA account.

Can you also add search in pie library. I found a pie I wanted to use and copied it to my demo account. When I wanted to transfer to ISA account I couldn’t copy it and I couldn’t remember where the original was.

Also sorting pies by column header values.

upgrade your servers so they do not crash at US opening! May be please start a crowdfund to help t212 buy new servers.


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  • Include a balance of the total profit/loss for each individual stock (just a simple math) that you trade.

  • Solve conexion problems in market opening.

  • Try to include some option in the broker to ask for fiscal information + some tool to know how much shares did u have 1 day in specific (i need for my country to know my positions on 31 December for example).

Those things and trading212 would be huge!

To be able to sell one or more instruments from a pie by exchange with already existing shares (without buying more of those that are still left in the pie)

I would like to see some point

1, sort by section on top of Investments, pie & CFD accounts

Sort by
Value highest lowest
Share price highest lowest
% profit
Date of purchase last to first
Arrange in currency
Arrange in sector

2nd would be
Personal news reflecting shares held in my account
Upcoming and old


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“Sort by” is a must to any porfolio… I believe it isn’t hard to get done.


Hi Tony, Amonst the Instrument headers following purchase price I would like to see columns for 'Target Price, and RTP (Revised Target Price) I am currently keeping this in a notebook, together with Revision Date, but it would be very useful to me, maybe others too?
Thanks and regards.
Paul CF

Hello Guys,

I have a simple proposal.
Can we adapt the return with the period of time for the portofolio ?
For example, I have a return on the year of +3.36%, but maybe I have a lost in the last week -1.52% of my portfolio.

I saw that for stocks this is implemented.

Sorry if this was discussed before.
Many thanks,

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