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I would like to see also return chart for diagrams as for each individual. And also ability to search companies by country.

Couldn’t agree more. This feature cannot come soon enough to T212.

Would love to see the pie into pie section this year, so that way we can categorize the sectors just like M1 finance. that would be awesome. :sunglasses:

I would like to see better charting of account and pie performance. Calculations should include cash held in the account to prevent distortion of the chart when you sell something.

Please make it easier to sell something out of a pie. Selecting an amount and then using custom drop down to select the stock is too clumsy. By the time you do all that the price has changed and 100% is no longer the amount entered. Also conversion charges need to be factored in making the whole process impossible.

Hi @Tony.V , T212 would be the ultimate trading application if you would add the ability to view logarithmic charts like they have on tradingview.

Many thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion - we’ll look at it. Appreciated!

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When using the filter button for ETFS/Stocks on the web browser, can we get currency choices? Right now it just has By Price, By Country and By Stock Exchange.


Hey @Craig ,

That’s an interesting concept. I’ll pass your proposal along and we’ll definitely explore it further, down the road. :bulb:

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Hi, I’d like to see something like a total account value chart (basically a porfolio chart + free cash value). It’d fun to see the progress that I’ve done in investig, but because I make transactions nearly every day, my portfolio chart is really weird and wavy.

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First of all, it is necessary to make a division of investments in the list of investments.
The categories of investments in ETF should be put into a separate category in the list of their active investments, and investments in shares should be in a separate category, and so on. The second is that in any category one could collect portfolios with their own name. For example, you create a portfolio with your own name and in it you already collect your set of shares specifically for the purpose of this portfolio with the ability to add from the general list of shares or remove a share from the portfolio by either selling or to the general list of shares on your account. The portfolio should also be categorized as stocks, ETFs, bonds, commodities and other categories. This is the simplest and easiest to implement on the website and application. Thanks

I would like the ability to see where my funds which are blocked for future trades reside rather than having to check each stock individually to see if I have ordered more of it.

A percentage chart where you can manually see your wins/loss on specific trades and in general of your account.

Hi there, i’ve been investing for years now and used many brokers here in europe.
I have 2 suggestions for you guys:

Pies within Pies. This feature would be a game changer, and this feature is why a lot of pepole in the US use M1 Finance, as. you can see on youtube every dividend investor is on M1 for the control it gives to your portfolio, 212 is considered the european M1 but don’t have this great feature i really hope you guys can add it in the future, so you can have multiple portfolios (Ex. Dividends,Growth, etc.) and Pies (Ex. Healthcare,Tech,Finance etc.) with a %. Let’s suppose you have 1000 euros to invest every month, you invest in the main portfolio that allocate a % in the other pies
20% Tech
15% Healthcare etc.
These pies have shares with a % in them, we just really need 2 layers of pies, no need to have 3,4 or more layers.
This is so convenient for us investor, and saves a tons of time.

Integrated dividend tracker. I personally use Divitrack, if you invest for years you know how important is this tool, having one incorporated in Trading 212 means that we investor don’t have to use third party or google sheets to track diversification, ex dividend date and other data, i really suggest to take a look to divitrack.io, it is basic but. it gives everything you really need, seeing what sector and country of allocation you have is key to a good portfolio.

As you can see my suggestion are based on the control of the portfolio and data, this is what 212 is really missing, everything else is cool but optional, like the export csv of only 1 pie and not of every investement.
Thanks and sorry for my english!

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1st I would like to have a more enhanced search feature or filters for ETFs and Stocks such as Currency and Stock Market.

2nd I would like to be able to import pies from real money to practice in order to practice before investing real money to pies.

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Interesting suggestions, both of them. I will pass them along for further review and let you know how it all goes down the road. Thanks!

Would like to see an expanded information on companies like they do on interactive brokers.

  • Dividend tracking (payout ratio, ex div date, payout date)

  • Ownership section

  • Expand the financial statements from three years up to 10 if possible.

Multiple Take Profit Exits
I would love if T212 added the ability that you can scale out of your position size with limit/stop orders.

For example:

I buy 10 shares of stock X @ $10

My best case scenario is that the stock reaches a price of $15. However, there are other noticeable points of interest where I would like to sell at / reduce my position size. It would be awesome if we could do the following for the take profit settings within the CFD platform.

This would be an amazing addition!! Also if you can set this visually (directly on the chart. Example, Right click > add new take profit point. Drag to desired price level & set number of shares)

Set Take profit

Shares Price Distance Result
3 $12 2.00 $6
5 $14 4.00 $20
2 $15 5.00 $10
TOTALS 10 $13.60 (Avg.) 3.6 (Avg.) $36

Add another take profit point /(please reduce shares or delete an entry to be able to add another take profit point)

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Hi folks,

Is there a timeline for introducing holding multiple currencies in the ISA?

cc. @Bogi.H

Hey, @investor12321 :wave:

For the time being, HMRC rules don’t allow you to hold foreign currency in an ISA, so introducing the multi-currency feature to that side of our app is not possible. We’ll let you know if this changes in the future, though :v:

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Hi Folks.

what i think might be a bit handy for people who wish to have an extra layer of security is a voluntary option in settings where if enabled, you have to enter your password before/as you sell a position.

Some people might respond to this by talking about the extra 4 digit pass code you can enable before you login on mobile or the 2FA option, but on top of those features i would feel more comfortable if i had a voluntary option to enable entering a password before selling a position. this would help limit any possible wrongdoing or potential sabotage by third party should that unlikely scenario present itself. This may seem a gratuitous option to some but the way i see it, this kind of extra security cant hurt and would be appreciated by a lot of people.