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Welcome to the Community, @ethan :tada:

This definitely sounds like a feature that could enhance the security of each account. Iโ€™ll forward it to the team and let you know should this be introduced in the future :raised_hands:

Welll, I just learned that your Stocks& Shares ISA is NOT FLEXIBLE!!! Who does that and why? That is such an out of date method. What people are aiming for nowdays is as much flexibility as possible. I really though that a good platform like this is more forwardthinking. Please turn it into a flexible ISA, more people would sign up, I am sure.

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We definitely recognise the significance of contribution freedom in your ISA. Introducing a flexible option is something that weโ€™re looking into. Iโ€™ll pass your feedback to the team, and weโ€™ll make sure to notify everyone if this gets introduced in the future :raised_hands:

Hi @Team212,

I would love to see ASX, Singapore SE, TSX.V being introduced. Trading 212 can distinguish itself from other retail brokers by offering these beloved markets among investors.

Thank you!

The ability to sell specific stocks. Fidelity has this feature

I donโ€™t see it documented on the site if stock sales have any guaranteed order (e.g. oldest first). Some countries have 0 capital gains if selling stocks after n years so itโ€™s useful to guarantee the sale of the older ones. Similarly if you suddenly need some cash and the older stocks arenโ€™t too old but the most recent stocks are negative it would allow you to sell the more recent ones and avoid the CG due to it having a loss (and then wait the time period to sell the ones in profit).
People could sell a combination of older & newer stock purchases to balance out P/L too