Account Verification Process

Hi - my account is activated, funded and in use. I now want make sure it is verified.

Reading your help page on “How to verify my account?” it says that one of the valid proof of address documents is:

“Bank Statement stamped by your bank’s branch (it could be a PDF format from your online banking)”

I spoke to my bank about getting a statement ‘stamped’, and they have no idea what you expect by this - they do not have any stamp for this purpose, and anyway, how would you stamp it if it was a PDF statement from online banking?

It would also be helpful and possibly more secure if you had some kind of https web page based form for uploading these. So far as I can see I’m supposed to just send them to, which seems a little insecure for PDFs of ID docs such as passport/driving licence/Bank statement. Have I missed a web based form for doing this?

Please advise on these two points

I think it’s either stamped from bank OR just a PDF from online banking. the online banking statement doesn’t need to be stamped. I used a pdf from online bank.

Many thanks for that trader787. Obviously that makes sense, though I’d like to see what Trading212 say as the help page definitely implies it should be stamped.

Also I still feel that the ‘upload’ process (of simply emailing these documents) should be made more secure and systematic.


Would still like an answer on the above points from Trading 212

Also still awaiting an answer to my enquiry of 5th June [ref ID 31314] regarding the date shown when hovering over a live trading candle being one day behind the actual date…

@AstraViator As suggested above - the statement should be issued in your bank (where a stamp will be applied as a standard procedure) OR you can send us a PDF copy downloaded from your online banking. The information is also present here.

You can upload the documents directly via your account (from the upload documents window which you’ll see whenever a POA is required), or to send it via email. Either option is secure enough.

Stamp would be the banks logo on headed paper

Hi Tony

Thanks for your response and the link to the more comprehensive information.

As regards uploading documents directly via my account, I’m afraid I can’t see an option to do that in my account settings - can you advise how to make the upload documents window appear?

Many thanks

Hi Cashurkash

Thanks for that, yes, I did assume so.

However as the bank I am using for funding this account (Nationwide) claimed no knowledge of doing this, I wanted confirmation from Trading 212 of what was acceptable/required.

Yeah it should just be headed paper. I’ve a prepaid one that does not have the statement on headed paper. It accepted Ulster Bank so I can only imagine it would accept Nationwide with no problems at all

@AstraViator At this point we don’t require a POA. - your account is verified.

Well that keeps things simple - thanks Tony.

While getting things sorted, can you advise if you are looking into the date query I raised in [ref ID 31314] as the answer given really doesn’t address it.