Creating a new account to get access to Invest

So my old account doesn’t allow the Invest option for obvious reasons, and I’m wondering if I’m required to create a complete new account? If yes, am I required to go through the verification process again?

Yes and yes :slight_smile:

Thank you Tony! Already sent my informations but I’m getting “Proof of address document provided is printed off the internet” despite it being the way I activated my very first account successfully, so I’m a bit lost.

If you send a screenshot of the bank statement, then it should include the bank stamp. Alternatively, you can upload a PDF statement downloaded from your online banking. Here you have the requirements. :v:

Hi Tony,

I uploaded my documents a while ago, and the app and PC website says its still being verified. What is the hold up?

EDIT: It has just been verified. Thank you to whoever saw this post and sorted out my situation XD

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