Add money from Australia

Hi, after 2 weeks struggle I finally got to verifying my idendity/adress.

Now I’m trying to get money transferred to the account. And so far nothing worked.

  • I tried it with transferwise witch is apparently not accepted
  • tryied it with my Australian westpac debit MasterCard witch usually works for all payments all over the world without any problems
  • and I tried to transfer the money but my bank tells me that the IBAN is not correct.

So before I keep trying it for the next two weeks with all kinds of different services, does anyone has a suggestion what the best way is to get money from Australia to traiding 212?
And how does it work when I withdrawal money back to Australia?Will I have the same problems again?

Thanks for any help

Not sure why TransferWise is not working, used it without problem.

You can always try Revolut, believe it is available in Australia.

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I just tried it with PayPal and got following email:


Thank you for using our services!

We have received a payment, EUR 100, for your account from a third party which for legal reasons we cannot accept. Therefore, that amount can only be deposited from your bank account and can be sent only to your bank account.

If the payment has been made via a joint account, we will need a bank statement certifying that, so we can proceed with funding the amount to your trading account.

If this is not the case, please confirm the sender’s bank account details, so we can proceed with returning the funds.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards "

So slowly running out of ideas