After hours / Pre-market trading.

Extended hours trading - this one is a must. I’ve missed out on so many good sells, opportunities. All the money that I could reinvest into something else.

This should be prioritized ASAP, don’t understand why isn’t it possible like in US apps like Robin Hood or WeBull.

Today I found out about catalyst for ISR (IsoRay) on NYSae just before it run 160 % but there was nothing I could do. It’s very frustrating for active day traders.

Maybe anyone knows any other apps that allow it ?


You can trade them in CFD mode

Well not really for the instruments that I would like to buy. Example OCGN and ALPP are not available in there.

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This really need to come to reality, i thought it was already a thing and was looking to switch to Trading212 for this.

We can watch all our American friends jump in premarket grabbing great bargains, driving the prices up and take profits post market leaving us helpless to secure any gains made.

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